June 23 2015 01:30PM

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The red carpet event of the century! Of course I'm talking about the first annual Nation Awards! What are the Nation Awards? Probably the most important award show of our generation, and I'm not kidding.  

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Monday Mailbag - June 22nd

June 22 2015 09:30AM


A Mailbag-less Monday is like a Connor McDavidless Oilers - not nearly as much fun. The weekend is over, you're back at work, and you need a way to kill some time. Luckily, we're all in this together. The mailbag only works because of your questions, and if you have something you'd like to ask you can email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enjoy the break from productivity, friends. 

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Sitting Down with Eric Johnson

June 19 2015 11:53AM


Whether you know him from his current show 'The Knick' or as young Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Eric Johnson is an iconic pillar of entertainment. Not only is he a great actor, he's also a massive Nation fan. Fortunately for all of us, Eric cleared some time in his schedule to sit down and chat with me about what it means to an Oilers fan and a Nation citizen. 

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The Nation Awards: IT'S VOTING TIME...

June 18 2015 12:53PM


On Tuesday I asked you for the nominees. Today we start the voting to determine the winners. The PHWA may not let you help with these kind of decisions but we certainly will. 

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The NationDrafts Winner Is...

June 17 2015 01:10PM

You picked your team. You watched the playoffs. You hoped to score prizes and Internet glory. Today, we make a dream come true as we announce the winner of the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff Pool. 

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