The Free Agency Live Blog!

July 01 2016 07:00AM


It's the most wonderful day of the year! CANADA DAY! Hell yeah! The NHL draft is in the books and now comes the day where free agents cash in on the dreams and promises bestowed upon them by GMs around the league.

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So Long Korpikoski

June 30 2016 10:09AM


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have placed Lauri Korpikoski on waivers for the purpose of a buy out.

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Fishing for UFAs

June 30 2016 07:00AM


When the clock strikes 10am MST on Friday morning the doors open on the UFA grocery store, and I'm wondering who you guys have at the top of your shopping list. In today's vote, I'm going to include defensemen and forwards and it will be up to you to tell me who the Oilers should be targeting. Today is the day to let your digital voice be heard so grab your manager's hat and let the GMing begin.

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The Oilers Trade Taylor Hall to New Jersey

June 29 2016 01:26PM

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait... let me compose myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *faints* The Oilers have reportedly traded Taylor Hall to New Jersey straight across for Adam Larsson.

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Monday Mailbag - Who to Offer Sheet?

June 27 2016 07:00AM


Another draft is in the books and the Oilers, somehow, found a way to win the day despite not trading for a defenseman, or making any moves whatsoever. If you have any draft related questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or by email and I will get them in for next week. This week, we explore who the Oilers could target with an offer sheet, whether or not we should be worried about Ethan Bear's Team Canada snub, and Patient Pete® keeping cards close to his vest.

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