The 2nd Annual Nation Awards: The Nominees

June 09 2016 02:08PM

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Last year, we started a new tradition around these parts. Since no one will let us vote for the actual NHL Awards (thanks PWHA) we decided to take matters into our hands and created an award show for the ages, and I need your help. We need nominees for our award categories, and that's where you come in. 

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WWYDW: Lucic or Okposo?

June 08 2016 05:00PM


My friends, it's once again time to put yourself in Peter Chiarelli's spot and make decisions for the Edmonton Oilers based on what you think would be best for the team. This week, we're diving into fantasy land to determine whether you would choose to sign Milan Lucic or Kyle Okposo if you were handed the keys to the Oilers' panel van. Left or right wing - who will you decide?

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Monday Mailbag - Ads on Jerseys?

June 06 2016 07:00AM


We're another week closer to the draft (AND THE DRAFT... UHHH... CONNORVERSARY PARTY!) and that means we're getting closer to, what could be, the implosion of this website. Can you imagine what the comments section will be like once Peter Chiarelli trades someone of actual value to the team? Wild time are coming, my friends. Until then, we do everything we possibly can to kill time and the Mailbag is 3000 words worth of time wasting wisdom for you to soak into your brain bank. I need questions, as always, so please send anything you can think of to me through email or on Twitter. For now, it's time to learn something. 

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WWYDW: Upgrading the Fan Experience

June 01 2016 04:08PM


With Rogers Place set to open up in the fall it got me to thinking about what I hope is included in terms of amenities and the all around experience of being at the rink. Ticket prices are going up, and, as a result, I think the quality of entertainment at the rink should also go up and that's where I need your help. I want to find out what you would do to improve the fan experience at Rogers Place, and for you to tell me what needs to be there and what would annoy you if it was left out of the plans.

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Monday Mailbag - Last Competent Defence?

May 30 2016 07:00AM


Remember last weekend? Remember how good it felt to not have to go into work on Monday after you spent the past couple days binge drinking and rolling in your own filth? Good times. Thanks for nothing, this week's Monday! Now we're all back to our jobs and trying to kill enough company time to last until next Monday. Luckily, this week's Mailbag is a hefty read and should kill enough time to get you to your first coffee/smoke break. Hopefully. 

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