Robin Brownlee
May 16 2009 11:17AM


There was a time not so many years ago when I went 14-1 predicting the outcomes of NHL playoff series and was hailed, literally, from coast to coast as some kind of post-season savant. I remember it because, well, I made money by guessing right as often as I did.

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Robin Brownlee
May 13 2009 11:27AM

If two heads really are better than one, why does Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini have to settle on a single candidate to replace Craig MacTavish behind the bench?

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Armchair GM IV: The Peanut Gallery

Robin Brownlee
May 07 2009 01:04PM

Steve Tambellini has some thinking to do

So, if you woke up this morning and you were Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini, what would your list of things-to-do look like? And, no, checking your bank statement doesn't count.

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Renney talks a good game

Robin Brownlee
May 05 2009 07:40PM

Tom Renney is a good NHL coach, but he's a hall-of-fame talker and somebody who is bound to impress Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini when they sit down to discuss why he's the right man to take over behind the bench from Craig MacTavish.

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Lowe and Crow have a chat

Robin Brownlee
May 02 2009 07:30PM

The Edmonton Oilers say they won't rush the process of finding the best replacement for Craig MacTavish, but they aren't wasting any time lining up the people they intend to look at for the job.

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