Robin Brownlee
August 07 2009 07:21PM

I loved watching Theoren Fleury play in the NHL in his prime, but that prime was a long time ago and that's why I'm hoping he regains his senses and forgets about trying to make a comeback.

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Deep thoughts XI: Making due

Robin Brownlee
August 05 2009 11:45PM


Making the best of a bad situation is usually easier said than done, but when it's the only option, you can either play the cards you're dealt and suck it up or fold your hand, pee your pants and curl up in a corner sobbing at the injustice of it all.

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Team 1260: a good one gone

Robin Brownlee
July 27 2009 08:31PM


Guys who've been around the media game as long as Bryn Griffiths see moves like what transpired today coming -- Griffiths was fired by Astral Media -- but that doesn't make it easy to swallow.

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On the fence: for better or worse?

Robin Brownlee
July 27 2009 06:57PM


If the Edmonton Oilers don't make another roster move between now and the start of the 2009-10 season, do you see them on the outside looking in for a playoff spot for the fourth straight season or are you of the mind they'll be back in the post-season?

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Second thoughts: finding a fit

Robin Brownlee
July 19 2009 06:35PM

David Steckel

I said the other day unrestricted free agent Manny Malhotra was the best option for the Edmonton Oilers in terms of a third-line centre who can win face-offs and kill penalties. I was wrong.

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