Lowe and Crow have a chat

Robin Brownlee
May 02 2009 07:30PM

The Edmonton Oilers say they won't rush the process of finding the best replacement for Craig MacTavish, but they aren't wasting any time lining up the people they intend to look at for the job.

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NCFOM II: Jagr Revisited

Robin Brownlee
May 01 2009 12:21AM


So, Jaromir Jagr could see himself in Edmonton Oilers colours, could he? I bet he could, as long as there's lots of green to go along with the copper and blue he suddenly seems to be fond of.

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The lowdown on Lowtide

Robin Brownlee
April 28 2009 01:58PM


I got a kick out of Jason Gregor's interview with Ron Low on TEAM 1260 Monday. It brought back some great memories. There were a lot of laughs working the beat when Low was coaching the Edmonton Oilers, even when he didn't have great talent to work with.

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No text from Tambellini

Robin Brownlee
April 23 2009 12:46PM


Seeing as Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini has neglected to text me his list of head coaching candidates for comment and approval -- Steve, where's the trust? -- I can only guess who he's considering.

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Deep Thoughts VIIII: Making it up as I go

Robin Brownlee
April 15 2009 08:40PM


The only thing that's nearly as important as getting the story right in the journalism business is getting it first. The challenge and the joy in this game is doing both consistently. Sometimes, even when you're right, it sucks. Like today, when Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini made it official the team and Craig MacTavish had parted ways.

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