Are they nuts?

Robin Brownlee
January 01 2009 12:13PM

As Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish likes to say, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

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Robin Brownlee
December 30 2008 01:53PM

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="Robert Nilsson's cat nap caused some controversy"]Robert Nilssons cat nap caused some controversy[/caption]

Forget the theory Robert Nilsson missed Monday's optional practice as a way of flipping off coach Craig MacTavish or that he simply couldn't be bothered to lace 'em up despite his recent stint in the doghouse.

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End of Bobby?

Robin Brownlee
December 20 2008 01:24PM

We don't know for sure that Friday marked the beginning of the end of Robert Nilsson's days as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, but it sure sounded like it to listen to coach Craig MacTavish.

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The to-do list

Robin Brownlee
December 18 2008 01:06PM

If I was King of the World, or better yet, Daryl Katz, and could snap my fingers and shape the Edmonton Oilers until they fit my vision of what a hockey team should be, there would be changes.

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Young guns

Robin Brownlee
December 16 2008 02:30PM

The Chicago Blackhawks are living proof that there is upside to long-term ineptitude and utter failure that doesn't exist with sporadic garden variety mediocrity.

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