What will we wrap fish with when newspapers are gone?

Robin Brownlee
June 18 2009 03:16PM


Short of a Stanley Cup final, covering the NHL Entry Draft used to be the highlight of the season during my newspaper days.

Likewise, between chasing down trade rumours, trying to get the inside dope on who was talking to whom and buzz about top prospects, it was obvious fans couldn't get enough of what scribes would tap out.

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A few good men

Robin Brownlee
June 16 2009 01:38PM

Moreau in the penalty box

The old saying "nice guys finish last" isn't true. Sometimes, they wear the C for a NHL team like the Edmonton Oilers that finishes 11th and misses the playoffs by six points.

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Robin Brownlee
June 13 2009 10:01PM

old_time_people_around_radio I enjoy sports talk radio and I'm hardly an impartial party in this town, being a newspaperman who is trying to learn the art of saying something people want to hear after spending most of my career trying to write something they wanted to read.

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Heatley or J-Bo? The Oilers can't have both

Robin Brownlee
June 09 2009 04:22PM


This shouldn't come as a news flash, but the Edmonton Oilers are interested in Dany Heatley and will pick up the phone between now and the NHL Entry Draft and speak to Ottawa GM Bryan Murray about what it might take to pry him from the Senators.

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Robin Brownlee
June 06 2009 03:28PM


Forget the buzz surrounding rumours Sheldon Souray has put his house on the market -- it means nothing in the context of whether or not he wants to be traded by the Edmonton Oilers. Besides, I don't even know for sure if it's true.

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