Patty O: Back to square one

Robin Brownlee
September 03 2009 10:06PM

I'm not sure exactly where Patrick O'Sullivan will fit among the Edmonton Oilers top six forwards this coming season, but I'd be willing to wager he'll look like he belongs in the mix somewhere.

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Deep thoughts XII: Cogs dishes and Gator bids farewell

Robin Brownlee
September 02 2009 02:26PM

Looking as comfortable as a guy about to hit the doctor's office for a vasectomy, Andrew Cogliano spun it the only way he could when he faced the media today to talk about how his name came up in the Dany Heatley trade this summer.

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FOK: He who signs the cheques makes the rules

Robin Brownlee
August 28 2009 11:17AM


As much of a surprise as all this talk about the Edmonton Oilers having an interest in Mike Comrie should be, it isn't if you allow for the likelihood that owner Daryl Katz has been influencing decisions on the hockey operations side of the business since he took ownership of the team.

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Wherefore art thou, Dany Boy?

Robin Brownlee
August 22 2009 08:57AM


Well Dany Heatley certainly shed plenty of light on his reasons for not wanting to become an Edmonton Oiler when he finally addressed the media Friday, didn't he?

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Mike Comrie: do over?

Robin Brownlee
August 19 2009 07:52AM


Not once since Mike Comrie left this city after the Edmonton Oilers traded him to the Philadelphia Flyers in December 2003 have I thought to ask him if he'd ever consider playing for the Oilers again.

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