Shooting down the walls of Heartache

Robin Brownlee
June 27 2008 06:26PM


A moment of silence, please, to honour the retreat into oblivion of the self-appointed sports radio icon who for many years has graced websites and talk shows in the third-person under the handle of THE WARRIOR.

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Deal for Daumer

Robin Brownlee
June 24 2008 10:26PM


Bumped from Craig MacTavish's coaching staff to make room for Kelly Buchberger, Rob Daum won't be behind the bench with the Edmonton Oilers this season, but he's staying with the organization.

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Big name hunting

Robin Brownlee
June 19 2008 10:00AM


I said it before and I'll say it again—Kevin Lowe's focus at the 2008 Entry Draft in Ottawa Friday will be on making a trade for an established first-line forward, not on moving up from 22nd in selection order.

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Some perspective

Robin Brownlee
June 16 2008 08:25PM


Did somebody fart or is the burning in my nostrils the stench of the long-lost package of Limburger cheese that was the Edmonton Oilers 1990 NHL Entry Draft?

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Let’s make a deal

Robin Brownlee
June 07 2008 11:37PM


It's far more likely Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe will make a trade for a significant roster player at the 2008 Entry Draft than it is he'll swing a deal to move up from 22nd in selection order.

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