By the numbers

Robin Brownlee
September 12 2008 12:49PM

The ongoing debate between advocates of advanced stats in analyzing player performance and "traditionalists," those who primarily base their opinions on what they see and more simplified numbers, is one I've never had any real interest in entering.

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Fernando ready to roll

Robin Brownlee
September 09 2008 01:43PM

From where he was one year ago to where he is today is mind-boggling, if you think about.

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Laddy, is that you?

Robin Brownlee
September 04 2008 11:45PM

The smile looked familiar, but I had to do a double-take in the dressing room the other day when Ladislav Smid walked in with his equipment bag slung over his shoulder.

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Tough guy wanted: apply within

Robin Brownlee
September 03 2008 04:27PM

Whatcha gonna do about it? While that's a standard bully-boy schoolyard taunt—I know because I handed over my share of lunch money near the monkey bars before a growth spurt kicked in

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Primetime for Gregor

Robin Brownlee
August 24 2008 07:33PM

TEAM 1260 hasn't wasted time deciding who'll take over the coveted 3pm to 6 pm slot that went up for grabs when Bob Stauffer turned in his critics card to take a job with the Edmonton Oilers August 15th.

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