End of Bobby?

Robin Brownlee
December 20 2008 01:24PM

We don't know for sure that Friday marked the beginning of the end of Robert Nilsson's days as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, but it sure sounded like it to listen to coach Craig MacTavish.

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The to-do list

Robin Brownlee
December 18 2008 01:06PM

If I was King of the World, or better yet, Daryl Katz, and could snap my fingers and shape the Edmonton Oilers until they fit my vision of what a hockey team should be, there would be changes.

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Young guns

Robin Brownlee
December 16 2008 02:30PM

The Chicago Blackhawks are living proof that there is upside to long-term ineptitude and utter failure that doesn't exist with sporadic garden variety mediocrity.

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Get shorty

Robin Brownlee
December 11 2008 02:41PM

I've got nothing against little guys, unless their eyes are shifty and set too close together, but the Edmonton Oilers are pushing diminutive to the limit when it comes to their forward lines.

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Schremp is no fool

Robin Brownlee
December 08 2008 04:34PM

Players with more dangle and higher point totals than Rob Schremp have been busts in the NHL because they had skills worth a million bucks, but brains you'd be hard-pressed to get 10 cents for.

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