Bow Wow

Robin Brownlee
November 17 2008 10:22AM

Poor Dustin Penner. Beset upon again.

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Redemption for Jesse?

Robin Brownlee
November 14 2008 05:46PM

Jesse Boulerice, you'd think, is one mistake from incurring an NHL version of the Three Strike Rule, and there are more than a few people who can and do make a compelling argument he should be out of the game already.

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Bad to the bone

Robin Brownlee
November 11 2008 03:42PM

The Edmonton Oilers won't be as tough with Steve MacIntyre out of the line-up with a fractured orbital bone, but they just got a whole lot nastier with the acquisition of Jesse Boulerice.

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The Crying Game

Robin Brownlee
November 07 2008 03:26PM

Even as someone who can piss and moan with the best, it gets sickening listening to the whining and excuses offered up after the Edmonton Oilers 5–4 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Thursday.

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A familiar el-foldo

Robin Brownlee
November 05 2008 11:09PM

Apparently unable to grasp the concept that points in November are just as valuable as those fought for during the hair-on-fire stretch drive days of March and April, the Edmonton Oilers blew off a deuce they might need in their 5–4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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