Schremp gets his shot

Robin Brownlee
December 01 2008 05:28PM

A call that was starting to look like it might never come was finally made today as the Edmonton Oilers promoted forward Rob Schremp from the Springfield Falcons of the AHL.

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Late Again

Robin Brownlee
November 30 2008 10:12PM

I've always believed that if you can't show up on time, then don't bother coming at all.

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Play it again, Sam

Robin Brownlee
November 27 2008 07:04PM

Dancers dance, singers sing and fiddlers fiddle, unless they're dancing, singing and fiddling with the Edmonton Oilers, who seem to be morphing into a homogenized pile of mis-cast goo before our eyes.

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Tick, tick, tick...

Robin Brownlee
November 24 2008 07:26PM

If the Edmonton Oilers can't get it done in the next 20 games, then they likely can't get it done at all, and owner Daryl Katz should take a look at why that's the case and who's responsible.

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Deep thoughts III

Robin Brownlee
November 21 2008 12:03PM

"A lot of previous years, I'm trying to generate optimism and enthusiasm, but this year I'm probably more interested in quelling it a little bit."

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