Robin Brownlee
January 11 2017 07:00AM

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The Edmonton Oilers have a brand new arena in Rogers Place, which is likely the nicest rink in the NHL, after moving lock, stock and Gretzky statue out of aging and outdated Rexall Place. Shiny. Flashy. It's a sharp-looking joint if ever there was one.

What the Oilers don’t have 19 games into their first season at their swank new downtown arena is the kind of record that’s going help them make the playoffs after 10 years on the outside looking in. While the 2016-17 version of the Oilers is better overall than anything we’ve seen in recent seasons, it’s the same old, same old when it comes to taking care of business at home.

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Robin Brownlee
January 08 2017 10:28AM


For the better part of the last decade, documenting the Edmonton Oilers at the halfway mark of the season has been a tale of defeat, ineptitude and frustration. Over and over and over again. A hockey version of Groundhog Day, only with Bill Murray kicking Oiler fans in the pills.

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Robin Brownlee
December 30 2016 09:00AM


After having his rookie season with the Edmonton Oilers rudely interrupted by a busted clavicle that kept him on the shelf for 37 games, Connor McDavid completed the equivalent of a full NHL campaign in a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings Thursday.

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Robin Brownlee
December 27 2016 07:00AM

Jeff Beukeboom was a throwback player, a stay-at-home defenseman who took care of this own end of the ice first and made it possible for his more skilled teammates with the Edmonton Oilers to do their jobs because he was so good at his. Beukeboom was as tough and as honest a player as you’d ever meet, quietly winning three Stanley Cups with the Oilers.

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Robin Brownlee
December 22 2016 01:00PM

When you’ve been the designated free space on the Bingo card for as long as the Edmonton Oilers have, you cannot expect to return to contention and respectability in one fell swoop. It’s more often an evolution rather than a revolution. It’s one step at a time.

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