Random refreshed thoughts...

Jason Gregor
August 25 2014 11:17AM


Fresh off a two-week holiday, with the dog days of August behind us and rookie camps and main camps just around the corner, I feel energized and excited as we enter one of the best stretches in the sporting calendar.

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Have the Oilers improved?

Jason Gregor
August 07 2014 10:37AM


For the sake of everyone in Edmonton, I sure hope so.

I do believe the Oilers have improved, which isn't hard considering they were the 3rd worst team in the NHL last season, but how much have they improved?

It is hard to say until we see the product on the ice, but I wanted to revisit an angle we looked at in May.

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Developing D-men requires patience

Jason Gregor
August 04 2014 10:39PM


There is no development timeline that works for every defenceman, however, it is obvious that the vast majority of them require more seasoning in junior before playing in the NHL.

There are extremely rare exceptions like Drew Doughty -- who can maintain their confidence and poise and within two years be one of the best defencemen in the world -- but most D-men, even the top-end ones, need more time in junior, college or the minors to develop their game.

If you believe Darnell Nurse should or will play in the NHL this season, then his developmental curve would be one we've rarely seen.

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Learning to process the NHL game

Jason Gregor
July 31 2014 11:57AM


Is Darnell Nurse ready for the NHL? At this point no one can say for sure. He will be given every opportunity to make the Oilers during the preseason, and possibly for a few regular season games, but I still don't believe 12-14 games is enough time to know to make a proper assessment.

Determining if he is ready can't be gauged strictly on size, strength and skill, which Nurse has in abundance, because the biggest challenge most players face when making the jump to the NHL is reading and understanding the game.

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Rocky's role?

Jason Gregor
July 23 2014 10:22AM


Rocky Thompson was named assistant coach of the Edmonton Oilers last week. He's only 36, but he already has seven years of coaching experience.

Many were wondering what will be bring to the staff? What will his role be? I caught up with Thompson last week to try and find out those answers.

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