More positives than negatives

Jason Gregor
October 09 2015 02:07PM


The Oilers lost to a better hockey club last night, but unlike the past few seasons they were not completely overwhelmed.

The Oilers were on their heels for the first 10 minutes, and Cam Talbot kept them in the game with some very good saves, but once they got their feet under them I thought the Oilers showed many positive signs that should lead to more wins this season.

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GDB 1.0: The McDavid Era Begins

Jason Gregor
October 08 2015 03:49PM

The wait is finally over. Oilersnation is ready to explode with excitement. I sense most fans are not expecting Connor McDavid to deliver a playoff spot in his inaugural NHL campaign, but you've been patiently waiting 172 days to see McDavid play his first NHL game.

The anticipation has been building ever since Bill Daly unveiled the Oilers logo on the gold card back on April 18th. Fans across the NHL are excited for another season, but in Edmonton there is a renewed passion among a fanbase that hasn't been this enthusiastic since the spring of 2006.

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Oilers: Woodcroft discusses powerplay success

Jason Gregor
October 07 2015 01:44PM

Jay Woodcroft turned 39 this past August and he's already entering his 11th season in the NHL as an assistant coach. He started as a video coach in Detroit, and when Todd McLellan got the head coaching job in San Jose had asked Woodcroft to come with him. After seven seasons in San Jose, Woodcroft and McLellan left and landed in Edmonton.

They have a strong working relationship and McLellan has put Woodcroft in charge or the powerplay for many years. That will continue in Edmonton.

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UPDATE: Draisaitl to AHL

Jason Gregor
October 05 2015 10:18AM

The next 24 hours will be hectic for some NHL teams. They need to be down to their 23-man roster tomorrow, so any player requiring waivers will need to be waived today.

We've already seen a few NHL veterans on waivers. Look for more to appear on the wire today.

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Oilers' Mclellan "happy" about the loss

Jason Gregor
October 02 2015 12:30PM

Pump the brakes. The season is not over. The Oilers aren't guaranteed another 28th place finish. 

They lost a preseason game.
They didn't play well.
They didn't battle hard enough.

All of this is true, and head coach Todd McLellan seemed almost happy it happened.

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