Jason Gregor
December 13 2012 09:43AM

We've seen NHL teams buyout players before, but yesterday Larry Brooks had an interesting take on how the NHL could use a "sum-zero amnesty buyout program" that could ensure the owners don't spend more than the 50/50 proposal.

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Jason Gregor
December 12 2012 09:45AM

We experience a variety of "worst feelings" throughout our lives, and no milk in the house when a full bowl of delicious cereal is staring you in the face is one of them. Sitting on the throne only to realize you have no toilet paper ranks up there as well, but getting your sporting hopes up and then having them crushed might be the worst.

The good news for Oilers fans is that you're likely immune to this feeling, after suffering through the last six seasons. Every October, and sometimes into November, you've allowed yourself to believe that the playoffs were a possibility. Then over the next three months you watched that dream slowly evaporate into an abyss of losing and heartache.

Today could be one of those days. The NHL and NHLPA are meeting in a secret locale while the Katz Group speaks to city council regaridng the arena deal at 9:30ish this morning.

Is it possible Edmonton fans could see progress on both fronts?

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Jason Gregor
December 11 2012 12:26PM

Ralph Krueger was named head coach of the Edmonton Oilers on June 26th. It was a dream come true for the 53-year-old and when I spoke to him that Wednesday, but this 87-day lockout has him waiting patiently impatiently to show the hockey world his plan of attack.

Yesterday I spoke with Krueger and we didn't mention the words HRR, make whole, decertification, Bettman of Fehr. It was a refreshing change of pace. We actually talked hockey. Does he have some line combinations in place? Who will play beside Justin Schultz? Will Nail Yakupov play right wing, or will Krueger try him on the left side.

Krueger had some good insight into what he will do when the lockout ends.

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Jason Gregor
December 10 2012 12:20PM

Both the NHL and NHLPA are clearly dedicated to their cause as we reach day 86 of the lockout. For hockey fans the lockout is like the Grinch, and fittingly day 100 of the lockout lands on Christmas Eve. Something tells me Santa won't be giving you hockey for Christmas.

I still believe we will have NHL hockey in 2013. Earlier this morning the NHL surprised no one and cancelled games through to December 30th, meaning there is still a chance you can ring in the New Year with an Oiler/Flames match up.

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Jason Gregor
December 07 2012 01:16PM

The lockout has become equivalent to watching a soap opera. Try as you might, you just can't turn away, and this week they likely sucked you back into their web of lies, deceit and unpredictability. I might have watched Days of our Lives when I was 19, mainly because of Jennifer, Carrie and Hope, but I also found myself getting sucked into their ridiculous story lines. I was amazed at how they could drag out one story line for months at a time. Sound familiar?

You didn't have to watch the show daily to keep abreast of all the glorious backstabbing, love triangles and endless cheesiness, and that is exactly what the NHL lockout has become.

It is a guy's soap opera.

Yesterday's performance by Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman might have been their best work ever.

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