Jason Gregor
September 14 2011 01:16AM


Two nights after showing the Vancouver Canucks their offensive firepower, the Oilers elected to show they have the best goaltending in the tournament as well. Tyler Bunz faced 24 shots, including numerous excellent scoring chances, and stopped all of them enroute to a 2-0 shutout.. 

The Oilers weren`t able to generate many quality chances despite outshooting the Jets 27-24, but after a weak point shot from Ryan Lowery - that Jets` netminder John Corrazzi should have stopped - made it 2-0 it became the Bunz show.

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Jason Gregor
September 13 2011 01:57PM

That was game four of the Smyth division semi-final in 1990, the last Jets' playoff victory over the Oilers. Normally Oiler fans might cringe watching this, but considering you know that Bill Ranford, Jari Kurri and Mark Lamb were heroes in the next three games I thought it would be a nice "welcome back" for Jets fans.

The best part of this video is that after the goal was scored Don Wittman and John Garrett didn't speak for 1:20. They let the viewers soak in the atmosphere of an electric building. I wish TV execs would allow viewers the same opportunity now rather than go to the replay in the first 10 seconds. Watching the celebration on the ice and in the stands after an OT goal is much better than seeing a replay five times.

Tonight these two organizations meet for the first time since March 29th, 1996, a 3-2 Oilers victory led by Miro Satan's two goals. This will be one of only two meetings between these former-rivals, so we'll likely have to wait until next year to feel any sense of the old rivalry, but it's still great to have the Jets back in the NHL.

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Jason Gregor
September 12 2011 12:11AM

The outcome in rookie games aren't that important, except when you're an Oiler fan who has had to suffer through back-to-back 30th place finishes. Then you celebrate any win that involves Oiler colours. Hell, if a team in division 7 in the EMHL won, and they had Oiler colours, fans would high-five each other, so tonight Oiler fans can feel confident that their prospects are infinitely better than Vancouver's after a 7-2 Oiler spanking.

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Jason Gregor
September 11 2011 07:56PM

Penticton, BC - None of the six players in the pic will be on the ice tonight for the Oilers -- Larsson is in NJ and the other five will be at Rexall Place next Saturday -- but the Oilers would be over the moon if five of the kids playing tonight end up in as NHLers in the next few years.

Oilers hockey is back, at least hopeful Oilers of the future, but when you haven't watched a game since April 10th I'm sure many of you will take what you can get.

You can watch the game on Sportsnet at 8:30 MDT and here is what the lineup will probably look like.

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Jason Gregor
September 07 2011 09:43AM


After a few weeks holiday and an excellent trip to New York, it is nice to be back so close to the start of another NHL season. September is a great month for sports fans, the NFL kicks off, the CFL is into the home stretch, MLB nears the playoffs and most importantly hockey is back. 

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