Jason Gregor
January 29 2012 11:32PM

Winning garners attention, and the OKC Barons have done a lot of winning this year. They have the best record in the AHL at 29-11-5 despite having only one player in the top-70 in scoring. Ryan Keller is 28th with 35 points in 43 games, while Philippe Cornet sits 71st with 27 points, including 20 goals.

The Barons have two solid  veteran goalies, David LeNeveu and Yann Danis, and they along with a stellar defensive system have given up the fewest goals in the league, 100, while they are 8th in goals scored. They don't have any glaring weaknesses, nor do they have any bonafide superstars. They have depth and head coach Todd Nelson rolls four lines.

But how does the Barons success impact the Oilers?

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Jason Gregor
January 27 2012 11:42AM


The All Star draft came and went, and there was no real drama. Real drama would have had the Sedins sitting as the last two picks, thus forcing Zdeno Chara to pick one of them, and leaving the other last. That would have been great TV, and quite intriguing, moreso to see what Chara's facial expressions would be.

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Jason Gregor
January 25 2012 08:34AM


Recently I had the chance to chat one-on-one with one of the NHL's most successful general managers, Lou Lamoriello. Lamoriello has been in the game for, basically his entire life, and he shared his thoughts on what it takes to build a winner, making the tough decisions to improve your team and how being a school teacher helped him become a successful GM.

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Jason Gregor
January 24 2012 01:25PM


How do you feel the night before a road trip to Vegas, or a getaway to Cabo or somewhere else in Mexico? Excited, pumped, stoked or hungover for the hardcores, and if you have to work the day before you go, many of us "mail it in" spending the day planning where to go on the strip or daydreaming about doing nothing on the beach. 

Admit it, that's what you'd be doing, especially if things at work, or home weren't great. Now factor in that you are playing the NW leading Vancouver Canucks on the tail end of a back-to-back set, so expecting a win tonight is asking for a lot.

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Jason Gregor
January 23 2012 12:17PM

Steve Tambellini is on the verge of an extension? That's what Terry Jones wrote today and I'm guessing I could write a pulitzer prize winning GDB about the Oilers and Sharks and most of you would skip it, and only read the Tambellini stuff.

I'm kind of surprised, but not shocked, that Tambellini will be getting an extension.

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