Jason Gregor
November 26 2012 01:28PM

In 1994/1995 the NHL and NHLPA avoided a season-long lockout and played 48 games. The lockout ended on January 11th, and the the regular season started January 20th and ended May 3rd. The Stanley Cup was awarded on June 23rd, which horribly late considering the Dallas Stars, 1999, and Carolina Hurricanes, 2006,  hoisted it on June 19th.

The NHL  won't wait until mid-February to cancel the season, like they did in 2005, and since they are in love with announcing game cancellations on Fridays, you can circle January 11th as their day of reckoning. They will either have a new CBA in place by then or for the second time in eight years no team will hoist the Stanley Cup.

So both sides have 47 days to pull their heads out of their asses negotiate a new CBA and avoid even more embarrassment.

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Jason Gregor
November 21 2012 01:24PM

The 2004-2005 lockout was awful, but it looked even uglier on the Stanley Cup. As we reach day Pacioretty (67) of this heartfelt, doing-it-for-the-betterment-of-the-game lockout, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the last lockout. I know you can't wait to hit the read article button and read more crap about the lockout, but it is interesting to see how their stubbornness eight years ago impacts us today.

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Jason Gregor
November 20 2012 11:10AM

While the NHL and NHLPA continue battling over money, Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini has been touring the world watching Oilers players and some of his best prospects. The GM had some interesting things to say about Justin Schultz as well as some disappointing news regarding a few Oiler-related injuries.

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Jason Gregor
November 19 2012 10:46AM

This was Steve Tambellini moments after winning the 2012 draft lottery, and since then he's added two important pieces to what he hopes will eventually be a playoff puzzle. He took Nail Yakupov first overall on June 22nd, added Justin Schultz on July 1st and along with Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins they are the future core of the Oilers.

If the Oilers are going to be more than playoff contenders on paper, Tambellini will need to look at moving any of the other young Oiler prospects once the lockout is over.

Stockpiling prospects is imperative for any successful organization, but most won't end up playing for the Oilers, so if Tambellini can acquire proven NHL talent in exchange for a prospect or two, he needs to make that move. The question is if he will have any cap space to make a few significant moves.

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Jason Gregor
November 16 2012 12:19AM

Maybe that is Gary Bettman, maybe it is Donald Fehr, but either way they both look like asses have their head in the sand right now.

The NHL and NHLPA are allegedly going to take a break from negotiating, further proving how BOTH sides are completely clueless on how much damage they are doing to the game. Even worse is that both of them, and sadly too many people on twitter, actually believe that the fans are on their side.

I can't speak for every fan, but most are at the point of despising both the NHL and NHLPA. How can you actually be on either side at this point, unless you are a player, related to a player, an owner or one of his employees? I can't see any reason to hitch your horse to either wagon.

Even worse is that the posturing, rhetoric and distrust have once again become the rallying cries for both sides.

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