Jason Gregor
May 29 2012 08:18PM

It sounds like you can cross one name off the list of potential candidates to replace Tom Renney. I spoke with OKC Barons head coach Todd Nelson on my show this afternoon, and his response to my question about his current coaching situation made it sound like he really wants to be back in OKC next year.

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Jason Gregor
May 29 2012 12:12PM

Ryan Smyth wants to play in Edmonton, and the Oilers would love to have him, but from where I sit the deal that makes sense for both parties is a one-year deal. Both sides confirmed to me that the Oilers offered Smyth a two-year deal around the trade deadline. The money was north of Todd Bertuzzi's $4 million over two year pact. Smyth's camp countered with a two-year deal worth more than the Oilers offer.

Neither side was interested in the other's offer and since then there hasn't been much progress. With the way Teemu Hartikainen played after the deadlie and in the AHL playoffs, and wanting to have a spot for Magnus Paajarvi, I doubt a two-year deal will be on the table anymore.

A one-year deal can solve the stalemate.

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Jason Gregor
May 28 2012 12:33PM

The Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday, and usually The Count, Gary Bettman, doesn't like other teams to make any announcements during the Finals, so unless the Oilers hold a press conference tomorrow, unlikely, you will have to wait until after the Kings raise the Cup to find out who will become the 11th man to coach your beloved Oilers.

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Jason Gregor
May 25 2012 01:10PM

It is great for fans and the media to get ready for another off-season full of change for the Edmonton Oilers, but is it beneficial for the Oilers? Since the spring of 2009, the Oilers have made significant changes every off-season, on and off the ice, but despite all of those changes the Oilers haven't seen much improvement.

Will the changes they make this spring and summer produce the results they want?

Let's discuss.

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Jason Gregor
May 22 2012 01:32PM

After coaching his team to 30th and 29th place finishes, some will argue that Tom Renney didn't deserve a chance to lead the Oilers into their "next phase" of the rebuild. There might be some merit to that, but I'm not in that camp. When Steve Tambellini talked about needing more "compete" from his team, I got the sense he was saying that Renney wasn't getting/demanding that from his team.

I've said for years the Oilers, especially some veterans, have convinced themselves they were competing hard enough, when in fact they weren't, but by electing to push Renney out the door, didn't Tambellini just give his players another escape route?

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