Jason Gregor
December 06 2012 02:14PM

People actually play underwater hockey. The best part is they wrap duct tape on their hand to avoid cuts/scratches on their knuckles while "stickhandling" on the floor of the pool. The game includes playing against/with women in swimsuits and you get to duct tape your hand; how is Wanye not a regular in the pool?

We are 83 days into the lockout, and if you took up underwater hockey to fill the void, I applaud your dedication to the game. I applaud your creativity and willingness to find any sort of hockey-related activity to distract you from this painful process of a lockout.

Let's dare to dream and pretend the lockout is officially over.

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Jason Gregor
December 05 2012 11:22AM

In case you forgot what NHL hockey looked like, or the potential of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, that was the highlights of his five-assist game v. the Chicago Blackhawks. Some Taylor Hall kid wasn't bad either that game potting a hat-trick in the 9-2 drubbing of the Hawks.

Both Hall and Nugent-Hopkins were having a check up this week, but before you freak out keep in mind that the Oilers wanted to use the break in the OKC Barons' schedule to let their doctors look at both of them.

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Jason Gregor
December 04 2012 08:21AM

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman will not be directly involved in today's meeting between six NHL owners and a select group of NHL players, but don't jump to a conclusion assuming that both sides will suddenly find some common ground with their leaders out of the room.

Bettman has long been the player's whipping boy. They actually believe that he wants to ruin the game and that he's the ultimate puppet master pulling the owner's strings. Meanwhile the NHL is certain that Fehr is not telling the players the truth, even though many of them have been present during most of the negotiations.

The lockout was asinine to begin with, but it's becoming more laughable by the day. It would be great if today's meeting will start an avalanche of positive negotiations, or as Steve Burton reported continue on the "significant progress" they allegedly made yesterday.

We'll see.

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Jason Gregor
December 03 2012 09:41AM

It would be great to receive a boat load of cash for Christmas, and who knows maybe tomorrow's meeting with six owners and a group players will give you NHL hockey for Xmas. As great as it would be to receive that stack of cash, we get much more satisfaction out of giving, especially to those in need.

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Jason Gregor
November 28 2012 01:02PM

Jordan Eberle has 11 goals and 26 points in 18 games with the Oklahoma City Barons in the Amercan Hockey League. After a bit of a slow start, he along with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall are dominating the AHL. Many expected them to dominate, but Eberle was quick to point out that the AHL is much better than people think.

I chatted with Eberle about the adjustment to the NHL, his desire to score, becoming a leader, his thoughts on Justin Schultz, Taylor Hall, Todd Nelson and if Ryan Nugent-Hopkins should play at the World Juniors.

Eberle had some excellent insight into scoring and you could tell that the kids aren't wasting their time in the AHL. They are using it to get better, as well as trying to add some new dimensions to their offensive games.

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