Todd Nelson: "I'm a head coach. I want to be a head coach."

Jason Gregor
June 19 2015 12:46PM

I had many great conversations with Todd Nelson during his five seasons in the Oilers organization. He was always accommodating with his time, and came on my radio show once a week during those years to discuss the OKC Barons. He loved talking hockey and I found he always gave honest assessments of his players, both on and off the record.

Nelson was name the head coach for the Grand Rapid Griffins, Detroit's AHL affiliate, earlier today. I just got off the phone with him and as usual he answered all the questions and explained why going back to the AHL as a head coach was the right decision for him.

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Markstrom or Lack?

Jason Gregor
June 17 2015 06:05PM

The Canucks will trade either Eddie Lack or Jacob Markstrom.

Who will be a better goalie? 

Will the Canucks keep the better goalie, or will they pull a Toronto Maple Leafs (trade Rask, keep Pogge) and move the wrong one?

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Oilers: Emotional vs. Rational

Jason Gregor
June 17 2015 02:19PM

The most difficult part of every day life is knowing when to trust our emotional, impulsive side and when to rely on our rational thoughts. I've yet to master it, and likely never will, but with age I find I'm able to control my emotional side much more than when I was younger.

Being an NHL manager brings the same challenges, especially when it comes to evaluating players. With the NHL buyout period set to begin at 9 p.m. MST tonight, I'm sure many GMs will be having some interesting conversations with their inner voice.

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Monday Musings: Oilers and offer sheets

Jason Gregor
June 15 2015 02:00PM

monday musings

The long NHL season will conclude tonight or Wednesday and then all the focus will switch to the draft, free agency, buyout candidates and the salary cap issues many teams have. The NHL off-season has become as exciting as the regular season, well, at least in Edmonton anyway. That could change as the team improves, but for the past six seasons Oilers fans have been much more excited in June/July than they have in November-April.

This off-season will be filled with intrigue and suspense as we watch to see how new general manager Peter Chiarelli will mold his hockey club.

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Bob Green talks scouting and the draft

Jason Gregor
June 11 2015 04:30PM


Bob Green was promoted to Director of Player Personnel on January 18th. He was promoted to oversee all levels of scouting, pro and amateur, within the organization. Craig MacTavish promoted him, but now Peter Chiarelli is in charge, so we caught up with Green to get his thoughts on the upcoming draft, the differences in Chiarelli's approach and more.

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