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Jason Gregor
May 14 2014 10:53AM


**This is not a sports related article.**

I still remember getting my first suit. It was a hand-me-down from my older cousin Scott, but I got to pick a new shirt and tie to wear with it, and I vividly remember thinking this suit made me look older. It was a big deal.

Like most teenagers my cousin never wore the suit more than two or three times so it seemed brand new to me. I felt more mature when I wore it the first time and that memory was the reason why we started The Gregor Foundation this past year. Our goal was to provide suits for young men graduating from high school who were unable to get their own suit.

Yesterday we had our first fitting day, and it was, AWESOME.

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Jason Gregor
May 12 2014 12:58PM


The Oilers signed Anton Lander to a one year, one-way deal worth $600,000. It makes sense for both sides, but it doesn't guarantee Lander a roster spot.

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Jason Gregor
May 09 2014 09:55AM


I continued our series of interviews with the top 2014 draft prospects and spoke with Prince Albert Raiders centre Leon Draisaitl. I like Draisait's combination of size and skill. I really enjoyed speaking with him, because he had a very honest and mature viewpoint of where his game is, and where he hopes it can go.

He told me he is currently 6'2" and 208 pounds. He expects to be close to 215 by training camp. He was just named to Germany's roster for the 2014 World Championships giving him another opportunity to impress the scouts before the June 27th draft.

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Jason Gregor
May 07 2014 12:03PM


The Oilers don't need more of what they have, they need more of what they don't have.

Tom Gilbert is a good NHL player, but the Oilers already have two players similar in style; Jeff Petry and Justin Schultz. Schultz isn't as experienced or polished defensively as Gilbert, but he's much better offensively, while Petry and Gilbert are very similar.

You won't win with three right shot D-men who are virtually the same player, especially when none of them are heavy, physical or excellent defenders. Please stop believing it would be smart to employ all three of them next season.

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Jason Gregor
May 05 2014 02:53PM


We awoke to a dense fog hovering over Edmonton this morning, which is fitting for Oilers' fans this time of the year. It sucks not being in an NHL playoff city. Watching the excitement on TV is fine, but it pales in comparison to feeling the energy and enthusiasm first hand.

At least the Oil Kings are still alive, and I'd recommend getting down to Rexall tomorrow or Wednesday to watch the WHL final. It is great hockey. Despite on NHL playoffs, there are still numerous story lines that impact Oilers fans.

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