GDB 65.0: Chiarelli piecing team together

Jason Gregor
March 01 2016 03:58PM


Overhauling nine years of losing wasn't going to be easy, and it should surprise no one that the Oilers' losing streak extended to a decade, but I'm starting to see actual change with Peter Chiarelli at the helm. He is actually changing the makeup of his team, which was long overdue.

For many years the Oilers' only identity was being a soft, skilled team. To make it worse they were also inexperienced -- youth was expected to lead the team. It's also hard to win when you have the least talented defensive corps in the NHL. Surprisingly, the previous regime never realized the errors of their ways.

Since Chiarelli has taken over it is clear he has a plan on how to build this team. He has added some tenacity. He's added heavier players, but also ones with different skill sets than the current group. He has added the small pieces, and this summer is when he'll make the significant changes this organization has desperately needed.

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Davidson: An excellent signing

Jason Gregor
February 29 2016 10:34AM


Peter Chiarelli signed Brandon Davidson to a two-year extension this morning worth $1.425 million/year. Based on Davidson's play it is an incredible value signing.

Davidson has been the Oilers most consistent defender all season.

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Oilers will make some moves

Jason Gregor
February 29 2016 12:12AM

You can expect the Edmonton Oilers to make a few moves on trade deadline day, but most will not involve trades, instead it will be assigning players to Bakersfield and possibly claiming one or two players off waivers.

Monday is the trade deadline, but because the Oilers won't be making the playoffs they will need to decide which current Oilers they want to play in the AHL playoffs.

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GDB 63.0: Davidson, A Bright light in a dark season

Jason Gregor
February 26 2016 11:26AM


The Oilers are alone in 30th place with 20 games remaining. It has been another disastrous season. They are five points out of 28th place and six behind 27th and 26th. They are skating towards their sixth finish of 28th place or worse in the the previous seven years.

There is no joy in Oilerville. 

Connor McDavid's presence in the lineup is the only thing keeping many Oilers fans interested, but during this 10th consecutive season of darkness there has been another shining light.

Brandon Davidson.

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GDB 62.0: Play with pride

Jason Gregor
February 25 2016 12:45PM


Two nights ago head coach Todd McLellan was seething after a 4-1 loss to Ottawa. He wasn't happy with the effort and execution of his team, specifically Justin Schultz, and he questioned his team's willingness to compete.

We'll see how his players respond against the Pacific division leading Los Angeles Kings. The Kings play a disciplined, poised game and are extremely strong on the puck. There will be no where to hide tonight and those who don't compete will be exposed.

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