Adam Larsson: Defensive stalwart

Jason Gregor
September 30 2016 07:00AM

Adam Larsson was drafted fourth overall in 2011. He played 65 games with the Devils as an 18-year-old rookie in 2011/2012. He then split the next two season between the AHL (66 games) and the NHL (63 games), before becoming an NHL regular again the past two seasons.

The Oilers acquired him this summer in exchange for Taylor Hall. General Manager Peter Chiarelli made the deal because he felt the Oilers needed a legitimate right-shot defender. Larsson is a proven defender. He's played tough minutes the past two seasons and done well. He arrived in Edmonton in late August to find a place, get comfortable with the city and to get acquainted with his new teammates.

I sat down with Larsson earlier this week to find out a little more about him. 

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I miss you Dad

Jason Gregor
September 29 2016 09:03AM

On my 14th birthday my father drove me into Edmonton for my learner’s test. I passed and when we walked to the car he tossed me the keys. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never driven in the city, I’d only practiced on the tractor at the farm. “You got your learners for a reason,” he said with a smile and if he was nervous when we pulled away he never showed it. I still remember the route we took back to the farm that day. We stopped at the A&W on 82 avenue just east of 75th street. It is no longer there, but every time I drive by it I think of him.

Two years later, I turned 16 and my father rode with me into Edmonton, me behind the wheel, so I could take my driving test. I passed and when we walked out to the parking lot, me grinning like a Cheshire cat, he patted my shoulder and said, “Good job” with a big grin on his face.

When you live on a farm getting your license is a big deal. It is a massive dose of independence because you drive to hockey practice alone, or to high school or you pick up your younger sister. Up until his death my father was always around for big moments in my life.

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GDB -6.0: Canuck Hunting

Jason Gregor
September 28 2016 01:20PM

Yesterday at practice Todd McLellan split the Oilers into two groups. The first one consisted of players they felt were destined for the AHL, while the second group had those vying for a spot on the Oilers. Tonight could be the last opportunity for those in the AHL group to grab McLellan's attention and keep them in the Oilers conversation.

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Camp competition, Puljujarvi to AHL and more

Jason Gregor
September 27 2016 07:00PM


Todd McLellan didn't waste any time putting some Oilers players on notice. This preseason will be competitive and whether you are a veteran or a high-end draft pick, you will have to earn your roster spot.

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GDB -08 and -07: Alberta Double Dip

Jason Gregor
September 26 2016 01:05PM


The Oilers and Flames will do preseason battle in Calgary and Edmonton tonight. Fans in Edmonton will get to experience the NHL hockey in the new rink for the first time, while Flames fans are anxiously waiting for GM Brad Treliving to announce he's signed Johnny Gaudreau to a lengthy contract extension.

Usually, in the first home preseason games, the home team dresses many of their best players to reward the fans, but that won't be the case tonight in either city for different reasons.

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