Jason Gregor
February 25 2014 12:49PM

Dallas Eakins 2

The Oilers have spent the past week having a mini-training camp getting ready for the final quarter of the season. I sat down with Dallas Eakins yesterday for a quick one-on-one to get his thoughts on his team, the powerplay, learning to win and what he learned about himself during the first 60 games.

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Jason Gregor
February 24 2014 10:30AM


There is no doubt it will be difficult to go from watching Canada's team of all-stars dominate the rest of the world, to watching the Oilers try and salvage another lost season. However, Oilers fans are a resilient bunch and the final 22 games should carry more importance, than previous years in shaping the future of this team.

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Jason Gregor
February 21 2014 01:00AM

Just win

Today, the outcome is all that matters.
It doesn't matter if only Drew Doughty and Shea Weber score, as long as Canada wins.
It won't matter if Sidney Crosby is held pointless, as long as Canada wins.
Shots totals won't matter, as long as Canada wins.
It won't matter that through the first 4 games USA has 20 goals and Canada 13, as long as Canada scores more today.

The WIN is all that matters.

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Jason Gregor
February 20 2014 01:04PM


Ales Hemsky led the Czech Republic in scoring with three goals and four points at the Sochi Olympics. Despite only playing 12 minutes a game, he showed NHL general managers that if he plays with offensive players he can still produce.

Did his Olympic performance increase his trade value?

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Jason Gregor
February 19 2014 01:27AM


After three rather uneventful preliminary games, we finally get to the games that matter and Canada ends up with the easiest quarterfinal opponent in Latvia. Give the Latvians credit, they scored three goals on the stingy Swiss yesterday and were deserving of their 3-1 victory, but their Cinderella run ends today.

Had Canada lost to Finland they would be playing Russia, and the angst and excitement would be much higher, but I think we will have to wait until Friday to be excitedly nervous about a game.

While I'm giving Latvia no chance, the Canadian players won't be looking past them. Canada's forwards are horny for goals, and I expect we'll see quite a few of them break out offensively.

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