More patience?

Jason Gregor
December 17 2014 07:49AM

I appreciated Dallas Eakins' honesty when discussing his time with the Oilers. "We probably got ahead of ourselves systems wise. We should have focused on the fundamentals more," Eakins said.

He also stated that he should have been more patient. "The thing you forget, and I was guilty of it too, is that you forget the players are 19, or 21 or 23. They are pulling on the jersey and going on the ice and you expect them to play like they are 28 or 29 years old. It just isn't there yet."

I agreed with those comments, however, I couldn't get behind his statement to the fans. "My message to the people here and to the fans is, I can speak freely now, and like it or not you need to be patient."

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GDB 32.0: Will coaching make a difference?

Jason Gregor
December 16 2014 12:40PM!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.jpg

The MacNelson regime begins tonight. Craig MacTavish will go behind the bench for an unspecified amount of time, to help transition the team to Todd Nelson, and then Nelson will be the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

MacTavish wants to get a more accurate pulse of his team, and I believe get a firsthand insight into which players he likes and who he wants to jettison out of town.

The pressing question is: will this coaching change help the team?

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MacT and Nelson face many challenges

Jason Gregor
December 15 2014 01:35PM


When you are a 30th place team every aspect of your team game is below average. This season the goalies, defence, forwards, coaching, scouting and management have all been underwhelming. Today, Dallas Eakins paid the price for the shortcomings of the team and was fired, but he is far from the only one who needs to improve.

Which area needs to be addressed the most?

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Eakins fired ***UPDATED***

Jason Gregor
December 15 2014 10:22AM

The Oilers have fired Dallas Eakins. Craig MacTavish will take over as head coach. He will be the only head coach/GM in the league.

I understand why they let Eakins go, his record was 36-63-14. They gave up too many goals and didn't score enough, but the Oilers have many other issues. 

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GDB 30.0: Dry spell...

Jason Gregor
December 12 2014 12:40PM

The Oilers sit 27th in goals scored, 63, after 29 games. Their skilled players have combined to score 2.17 goals/game which is 28th, ahead of only Buffalo and Carolina.

The supposed strength of this team is not performing. Instead of looking at SH% and suggesting they are snake bitten, it is time they look in the mirror and realize that if they don't go to the scoring areas, in front of the net, they will not score.

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