GDB 28.0: Two consecutive wins?

Jason Gregor
December 09 2014 12:55PM

The Oilers never played the same team in consecutive games last season, but tonight they battle the Sharks for the second straight game, before doing the same vs. Anaheim on Wednesday and Friday.

During this painful non playoff drought, eight and 1/3 seasons, the Oilers have played the same team in consecutive games 16 times. They won both games four times, lost both games on five occasions and split the series seven times.

They have swept three of the last four back-to-back meetings (2009 and 2013 vs. Calgary and 2011 vs. Vancouver), and tonight they will try to build on a solid 2-1 victory over the Sharks this past Sunday.

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Tough love time...

Jason Gregor
December 08 2014 02:00PM

The Oilers ended their 11-game losing streak with a solid 2-1 victory over the San Jose Sharks last night. It was a welcome change for the organization and the fans. The losing was starting to bother even the most pessimistic fan.

It is only one game, and the Oilers woes are far from over, but if this team is going to continue to improve now is the time for some tough love from head coach Dallas Eakins.

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MacT Speaks...

Jason Gregor
December 05 2014 11:59AM

image (25)

Craig MacTavish opened his press conference with, "This availability will not satisfy anyone."

Bang on, but some of his responses to question did grab my attention.

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Will Oilers make a move?

Jason Gregor
December 04 2014 02:01PM

The Oilers didn't practice or have a media availability today, prompting much speculation around the hockey world that the organization is pondering a move.

Firing the coach or Kevin Lowe resigning were the two most common theories floating around the twitterverse.

Will it happen?

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GDB 26.0: Time for action...

Jason Gregor
December 03 2014 11:51AM

In the past week, Taylor Hall, David Perron and Andrew Ference have all publicly stated Dallas Eakins isn't the problem. Hall took it a step further and went to general manager Craig MacTavish to defend his coach.

After Monday's 5-2 uninspired loss to Arizona, Ference said what we've been saying for weeks. The Oilers play "is a joke."

Is this just more talk from a team mired in a 10-game losing streak, or we will the players display the emotion, passion, determination and smarts necessary to win an NHL game tonight vs. the Jets?

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