GDB VIII: Using Oil to drown an Orca

Jason Gregor
October 19 2009 01:10PM

It’s amazing what a few wins will do for a team. The mood at Rexall this morning was shockingly loose. Hell, even Brownlee was smiling, but I digress. The players seemed relaxed and having fun, but every player you spoke with insisted this team needs to be better.

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PDP: say it ain't so

Jason Gregor
October 18 2009 10:33AM

How many of you here in the Nation woke up today, looked at the point leaders in the league and did a double take? Dustin Penner on the first page... WTF?

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GDB VII: Sans Hemsky

Jason Gregor
October 16 2009 12:07PM

Happy frickin' Friday to you. My day started out just peachy when I was dinged by the fuzz for speeding. They sure picked the perfect spot: Edmonton's scenic 66th St and 36th Ave, just as you sped up the hill.

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Around the League - Oct 15 2009

Jason Gregor
October 16 2009 10:15AM

Our apologies, due to a technical glitch this is a day late — so stat gurus don’t freak out when it says Ovechkin has five goals. We know he scored twice last night, but to keep this consistent for Thursdays we are going with stats of the second week.

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UPDATE: Souray is still out...

Jason Gregor
October 15 2009 11:22AM

UPDATE: Don't expect Sheldon Souray to return anytime soon. Pat Quinn was not very confident that Souray would be back soon. Souray met with the training staff, and according to Quinn, he didn't look good and is still a ways away from returning.

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