Gregor's oil drops

Jason Gregor
November 17 2009 02:51PM

The Oilers had an off-ice workout today, and will be back on the ice tomorrow when they take on the Colorado Avalanche.

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GDB XXI: Garon swathed in a blue jacket

Jason Gregor
November 16 2009 02:30PM

The Oilers will try and salvage their five game road trip with a win tonight against their former goalie, Mathieu Garon and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Quarter pole results: grading the Oil

Jason Gregor
November 16 2009 01:46PM

Report card time again. Like last season we will have a quarterly report card, at games 20, 41, 62 and then a final season ranking. The rankings will be based specifically on the respective quarter.

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Winning games... step by step

Jason Gregor
November 13 2009 01:39PM

One of Wanye’s favourite songs growing up was Step By Step by New Kids on the Block back in the '80s and early '90s. He especially loved the opening motorcycle scene, because the NKOTB thought it made them somehow look tougher.

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Around the league - Nov 12, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 12 2009 10:53AM

After a hot start, scoring has leveled off, and right now only six players are on pace for 100+ points. Anze Kopitar is on fire and on pace for 129, however, no one has tallied that many since 1996 when Mario Lemieux had 161 and Jaromir Jagr finished with 149. It is doubtful he can keep up this pace.

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