GDB 75: Robert Frost's hockey wisdom lives on

Jason Gregor
March 27 2009 01:43PM


A few weeks ago my neighbour strolled up to my door toting a bottle of Bacardi Limon -- best drink going if you mix with water -- so I let her in. We yapped for a bit, poured a few Limons, but the Oilers game came on so I pretty much gave her the proverbial nod every few seconds suggesting I was listening to her. She must have caught on that I wouldn’t be engaging in any conversation until a commercial or intermission, so she sat at my computer and checked her e-mail.

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Questions That Need Answers: Fifth Edition

Jason Gregor
March 25 2009 12:17PM


When MacT inevitably does get fired, who would you peg as the front runners for Tambellini to replace him with? Does he draw from his Vancouver days to bring in Marc Crawford? Does he go with former teammates?

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GDB 73: Hemsky's 'outburst' nothing to worry about

Jason Gregor
March 24 2009 02:20PM


With ten games to go and sitting somewhat comfortably in 7th place, you would think life is grand yet everything is not rosy in Oilerville.

The Oilers best player is unhappy.

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Oilers working on their power-play

Jason Gregor
March 23 2009 01:59PM


The Oilers skated this morning except for Souray, Roloson, Reddox and Nilsson. Nilsson just walked by me during practice and I jokingly asked him if he will be in the doghouse for missing the skate. He laughed and said he got the green light not to skate today. He bruised his knee on the road trip, so they gave him the day off today, but said he will play tomorrow.

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GDB 70: Against the Avs, Roloson's 26th straight start

Jason Gregor
March 19 2009 04:20PM

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Dwayne Roloson starts his 26th straight game tonight against the Colorado Avalanche

Lucky number 26? If 13 is widely considered unlucky by many, I wonder if double the amount is twice as bad or if there’s no significance what so ever.

Either way, Dwayne Roloson will start his 26th straight game tonight against the Avs. An Oiler win tonight should get JDD his first start since November 30, tomorrow in Chicago.

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