Delauriers and XMAS Din Din

Jason Gregor
December 27 2008 02:51PM

How do you feel after gorging yourself with two dinners a day for three days?

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GDB 33: A White Christmas

Jason Gregor
December 26 2008 02:42PM

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Douchebags and newspapers, together at last"]Douchebags and newspapers, together at last[/caption]

It's the first time since 1971 that all of Canada is experiencing a white Christmas. But really, who cares?

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Ban fighting? Sounds like a knee-jerk reaction

Jason Gregor
December 26 2008 02:34PM

Why do many feel the need to change the culture of hockey? Does it seem broken to you?

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Re-thinking the left side

Jason Gregor
December 19 2008 12:22PM

After questioning what exactly was going through the mind of Craig MacTavish to even contemplate putting Dustin Penner back on the RW, it seems that MacT has come to his senses.

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Gregor at practice

Jason Gregor
December 18 2008 02:19PM

Jason Gregor is sitting in the stands at RX1 today and has sent us the following report. -- WG

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