Oilers working on their power-play

Jason Gregor
March 23 2009 01:59PM


The Oilers skated this morning except for Souray, Roloson, Reddox and Nilsson. Nilsson just walked by me during practice and I jokingly asked him if he will be in the doghouse for missing the skate. He laughed and said he got the green light not to skate today. He bruised his knee on the road trip, so they gave him the day off today, but said he will play tomorrow.

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GDB 70: Against the Avs, Roloson's 26th straight start

Jason Gregor
March 19 2009 04:20PM

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Dwayne Roloson starts his 26th straight game tonight against the Colorado Avalanche

Lucky number 26? If 13 is widely considered unlucky by many, I wonder if double the amount is twice as bad or if there’s no significance what so ever.

Either way, Dwayne Roloson will start his 26th straight game tonight against the Avs. An Oiler win tonight should get JDD his first start since November 30, tomorrow in Chicago.

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GDB 69: Copper & Blue face the Blues on this Day of Green

Jason Gregor
March 17 2009 03:11PM

While many of you are already at Ceili’s, O’Brynes or some other Irish pub pounding meal-in-a-glass Guinness and celebrating like you actually have some Irish blood in you, the Oilers are looking to avoid a 4th straight overtime loss. And if you’re an historian or a believer in fate, destiny or voodoo it doesn’t look good for the Edmonton Oilers tonight. Saint Patrick, prior to the 20th century was always depicted in blue rather than green, so with the Blues in town tonight they could have some historic luck on their side.

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GDB 68: It's simple – chemistry's either there, or not

Jason Gregor
March 14 2009 03:25PM


Do you remember your English 10 teacher? Mine was Mrs. Stroud and I couldn’t stand her obvious bias.

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GDB 67: Moreau and Souray in it to win it

Jason Gregor
March 12 2009 12:26PM

Oilers Captain Ethan Moreau

The Oilers looked like a team a few days before the start of the season, with 24 players, five coaches and third goalie Floyd Whitney on the ice for the morning skate today.

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