The Numbers Game

Jason Gregor
June 09 2009 11:59AM


Growing up 17 was my favourite number. I really don’t know why. Jari Kurri wasn’t my favourite Oiler; Glenn Anderson was, but I never liked the look of single digits on a jersey. And very few scorers wore single digits so I didn’t.

I tried to get 17 on every team I played for, thinking that I would play better if I had that number. Since I never went on to the NHL or anywhere close, clearly that wasn’t the case.

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Entry Draft possibilities

Jason Gregor
June 04 2009 02:14PM

Oilers' Scout Stu MacGregor

The NHL entry draft is three weeks away and for the second time in two years the Oilers have a top ten pick. There have been whispers that the Oilers would like to move up at least a few spots, but since they’ve never moved up into the top 20 that remains a long shot.

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Do You See What I See Edition III

Jason Gregor
May 29 2009 09:34AM

There is a lot going on right now. The coaching carousel in the NW division is picking up speed, the rumour mill will be spitting out suggestions hourly leading into the draft and the LA Kings are going to be a player this summer.

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Looking at Goals per Game...

Jason Gregor
May 25 2009 11:07AM

One of our readers, Homie, thought that PPG wasn’t an accurate enough assessment on a player’s offensive value, so I decided to do one on Goals Per Game. Homie felt that Rick Nash was more valuable than I stated, and that he would be a top five GPG guy. Since Nash has been in the league for six years, I used those years to determine who has been the best sniper during that time.

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Do You See What I See, volume II

Jason Gregor
May 21 2009 08:00AM


Yes it is still relatively quiet around Hockeytown up here in Canada, but there is lots going on in hockey and the sports world.

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