UPDATED: Around the League - April 8, 2010

Jason Gregor
April 08 2010 03:26PM


The debate over who is better, Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, will reach new heights now that the NHL Central Scouting final rankings had Seguin first and Hall second. For the past few months many posters, fans, bloggers and members of the media have said Hall was the best, however, I’ve been a believer that the Oilers, or whoever picks first should take Seguin. I’m not sold he is a better player, but he plays the more influential position; centre.

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GDB LXXX: Like Custer's Last Stand

Jason Gregor
April 07 2010 10:14AM

One of the biggest misconceptions in American history is Custer’s Last Stand because it implies that George Custer and his troops made some heroic final stand v. the Cheyenne, which was never the case.

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GDB LXXVIV: Wild on Minnesota

Jason Gregor
April 05 2010 01:17PM

OilersNation - you’ve almost made it to the end.

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Around the League - Apr 1, 2010

Jason Gregor
April 01 2010 01:44PM

Less than two weeks to go until we see Olympic intensity again, and the best part is it will last for two months and involves more than six competitive teams.

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Jason Gregor
March 30 2010 03:17PM

Don’t fool yourself Oiler fans, if there is one team the Wings are scared of this year it is the mighty Oil. In a stat that defies logic, the Oilers are 3-0 against the Wings this season. Can someone please file that under "things I just can't believe aboutn the 2009-10 Oilers season" along with the "unexplainable 5 game road winning streak in December."


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