Sophomore jinx more myth than truth

Jason Gregor
October 04 2008 10:32AM

How many goals can the Oilers realistically score? Last season they scored 220 good enough for 8th in the Western conference

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Don't mess with our players

Jason Gregor
September 30 2008 01:28PM

Are the Oilers finally going to have a play-four-minutes-a-night tough guy again?

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The Overtime-shootout blues

Jason Gregor
September 28 2008 05:32PM

The Oilers stayed in the playoff race last season due to their dominance in overtime and the shootout.

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Again with the Panthers: a kids line debut

Jason Gregor
September 25 2008 03:18PM

The Kids line will make their debut tonight at Rexall.

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On Visnovsky, Pisani and Deslauriers

Jason Gregor
September 25 2008 08:20AM

Classy move by the Oilers last night to be wearing OM decals on their helmets honouring Jussi Markkanen’s young son Oli who passed away earlier this week in Moscow.

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