GDB 36.0: Fishin' for First

Jason Gregor
December 23 2016 01:57PM


Game Day

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking)

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"It's a Christmas Miracle," has been said in many Christmas movies. Most were fictional tales, but right now the Edmonton Oilers are living out their own real life Christmas Miracle: they are in a playoff spot and tonight they battle the San Jose Sharks for first place in the Pacific Division.

I picked the Oilers to make the playoffs, but I didn't see them battling for first place nearing the midway point of the season. Yet here they are, riding a three-game winning streak, with the most road points in the NHL, 24, and a chance to sit in first place in the Pacific Division and ninth overall in the NHL.

After the Decade of Darkness, darn rights it's a Christmas Miracle.

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Who Are you with Patrick Maroon

Jason Gregor
December 22 2016 11:30AM


In the fourth installment of a new semi-regular feature on my radio show on TSN 1260 called Who Are You, I caught up with Patrick Maroon.

We discussed music, hobbies, being a prankster and more.

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GDB 35.0: The Oilers' Kryptonite

Jason Gregor
December 21 2016 06:00PM


Game Day

(photoshop: @NewfieMikey)

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The Coyotes' recent domination of the Oilers is rather shocking.

The Oilers haven't defeated the Coyotes in regulation time since January 25th, 2011; Arizona is 21-0-4 since then.

If the Penguins, Blackhawks or Blues had owned the Oilers during this time frame, it would be understandable. They produced the most points since the beginning of the 2010/2011 season with 642, 635 and 622 respectively, however, it has been 25th ranked Coyotes owning the 30th ranked Oilers.

The Coyotes only won 168 of their other 416 games (40.3%) since January 25th, 2011, but they managed to win 84% of the games against the Oilers, picking up 92% of the available points.

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Wake up NHL, wake up

Jason Gregor
December 20 2016 02:01PM


This article is for those of you who want the NHL to become a better product.

This isn’t for Gary Bettman, because we have heard your deceitful responses too often. We know you will tell us the league has never been better, of course, that is until 12 months before the CBA is set to expire and then magically your message will change and you’ll outline all the financial hardships NHL owners have endured.

Your words means absolutely nothing to me. You’ve proven you will talk out of both sides of your mouth to push your agenda of the day. You’ve proven you don’t care about the fans. All you care about is if they keep paying the over-inflated ticket prices to watch your game.

It is nothing personal, honestly. It isn't. I understand business, and as you've shown multiple times you know more about the game and what is best for it than I or any other lowly reporter or fan does. It is okay, but as the great Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

I want to talk to those who should care more about their players and the enjoyment of the NHL.

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GDB 34.0: St.Louis singing the goalie Blues

Jason Gregor
December 19 2016 11:47AM


Game Day

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking)

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The Oilers got a much needed victory over Tampa Bay on Saturday, but it was far from a dominant performance over a tired team. A win is a win, however, and they gladly took the two points.

They will need to avoid settling for outside shots tonight when they face the St.Louis Blues. The Blues are a good team, but the Oilers are very competitive with them, or better, in many categories.

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