Between Two Gregors Episode 2

July 10 2015 01:15PM

The people demanded it, so the people got it! It's the newest episode of Between Two Gregors! This week we cover bunk beds, playoff beards and 18 year old boys! Let us know in the comments what YOUR answers to the questions are! 

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July 03 2015 03:20PM

It's here! It's finally here! The inaugural episode of the most anticipated show OF ALL TIME! BETWEEN TWO GREGORS! 

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Talbot Vs The Magic Beans: A Jeanshorts #HotTaek

June 14 2015 12:01PM

This post is just one dumb man's opinion. This is meant entirely to stir the pot and promote conversation. I'm an expert in nothing but taking naps, and if you disagree with me please let me know in the comments, and keep coming back every 10 minutes or so because we would love your ad revenue to know what you think. 

Cam Talbot's name has been floating around the hockey blogosphere for some time now, as a potential replacement for the picture of Grant Fuhr taped to a plastic chair currently occupying the starting goalie position for the Edmonton Oilers. Conversations (arguments) flared up again when Murray Pam of The Hockey News tweeted a rumour that the Oilers may be willing to part with the 16th overall pick in this years NHL entry draft to acquire the Rangers backup. 

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WWYDW: The Nelson Conundrum

May 20 2015 02:30PM

Limbo is a popular dance contest that originated on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where contestants try to dance their way underneath a horizontal bar. Limbo is also a state in which Todd Nelson finds himself in, currently still under contract by the Oilers, but kicked out of the captains chair in favour of Todd McLellan. 

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First Star, Worst Star: April 19, 2015

April 19 2015 12:00PM


You can't win em all, and it turns out if you're Buffalo you literally can't win anything. But YOU have won and your reward is another First Star, Worst Star!

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