August 31 2016 02:46PM

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Looking for that special gift to show your loved one how you feel? Swing on by Caggiula’s Kay Jewellers! 

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In Memoriam: Those We Lost In The Rebuild

August 26 2016 01:10PM

in-memoriam in-memoriam

Since 2010 the Edmonton Oilers have seen a never ending parade of players walk through those cool doors with the giant Oilers logo on it, only to be discarded sometime later for a newer, still not very good player to take their place. Today we honour those who served the Oilers but have since moved on. 

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Oilers Lost - Part 2

August 23 2016 04:00PM

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I know I don't have to tell anyone here about what a long, dark slog it's been since the halcyon days of spring 2006. We've all dealt with it in our own ways; some of us drink to excess, while others have taken to screaming into the void that is Twitter. Local Edmonton comedy troupe Mostly Water Theatre has taken to writing hilarious sketches about the never-ending darkness that is Oiler fandom!

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August 03 2016 09:00AM

ARENA UPDATE 6.00_01_17_17.Still004

Chris The Intern takes you on an exclusive tour of Rogers Place as the crew works to get all the finishing touches done in time for puck drop come October. Check it out! 

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The Other Guys: Free Agent Scrap Heap

July 27 2016 03:00PM


Free agent frenzy has come and gone, and for the first time in history the Edmonton Oilers got the most coveted guy on the market! However there are still plenty of NHL players languishing in free agent purgatory right now. The Oilers would be smart to shore up their depth with the addition of some NHL veteran presence, and today we're going to take a look at a few guys still looking for a good home, that could potentially be a fit for the Oilers. 

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