May 25 2015 01:44PM

Edmonton Oilers fans are catching their collective breath after a stunning month of news that included a lottery win in a golden draft, plus the signing of quality GM and coach in quick order. The period between now and July 15 could be insane, with trades, the draft and free agency all ahead. The news is trickling now but will soon be a scream. What's next? Possibly some closure on a gifted Russian.

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May 24 2015 06:28PM

hunt ferguson 1415

This week the Oklahoma City Barons drew their last breath as a franchise and now pass into hockey's history with only our memories of five fascinating seasons and dozens of young hockey players trying to make their way to the NHL. Brand Hunt and Richard Bachman (in photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) did their best but could not get past Utica in the team's final opportunity to win an AHL championship.

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May 23 2015 07:06PM

hamilton ferguson 2

This is Curtis Hamilton. He's always been a personal favorite, owing to a scouting report that suggested he could bring a range of skills to the pro game. Injuries have impacted Hamilton's career with the Oilers, and four years in, he's at a crossroads. Hamilton's future with the team is in the hands of Peter Chiarelli and dependent on the organization's evaluation of a number of prospects. It's going to be an interesting summer.

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May 22 2015 08:42PM

mclellan capture may 19

Todd McLellan is going to coach one of the NHL's all-time rookies if things break right this fall and Connor McDavid will most certainly be the best freshman McLellan sees in his NHL career. We can gain some insight into McLellan's view of (normal) rookies by looking into the past and seeing what he valued when in his early years with San Jose. As with our recent look at Peter Chiarelli's past in this area, there are some surprises.

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May 21 2015 02:29PM

lottery moment

A lot of things changed in the moment Edmonton's luck reached its zenith. Since that moment, Oilers fans have been riding a roller coaster of emotions—another one this week when Todd McLellan was introduced as Edmonton's coach.

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