January 21 2017 12:00PM


Game Day

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking)

We love HOME games; have Liquor Depot deliver in under an hour. Click, pick, sit back and watch the game.

Sooner or later, no matter where you come from, there is a point of no return. A moment in life when turning back, returning to the safe past, is no longer enough. When reaching a brand new day is not just something, it is the only thing. Challenges lie ahead, but they lie beyond Calgary city limits. Let's get it on.

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January 20 2017 07:00AM

davidson ferguson

The Edmonton Oilers spent the first decade of this century striking out in the first round, but finding quality NHL players in the later rounds. The current decade seems to have seen a flip—mostly successful first-round selections but day two is a bit of a wasteland. One of the repercussions of this drafting issue is about to make itself known at the deadline this year. What's in the cupboard? Not as much as you think. (Brandon Davidson photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved).

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January 15 2017 06:39PM

oesterle williams

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Jordan Oesterle from Bakersfield today, that means someone (probably Adam Larsson) is going to be unavailable against Arizona and possibly beyond). The Condors were short a man before the recall, and that has caused a chain reaction through the system. Let's have a look at the recalls, the injuries and the numbers from this week among Oilers prospects. Oesterle photo by Mark Williams, all rights reserved.

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January 15 2017 11:56AM

The meaning behind the name Jesse, according to those who research these things, is 'gift' and that fits the storyline regarding Jesse Puljujarvi's arrival as an Edmonton Oilers draft pick. We loved JP the moment he fell to No. 4 overall, and have become even more enamored with him through various impressive feats: Scoring his first goal in his first game, destroying a pizza in view of media cameras, and playing a stunningly mature game for a person of his age. JP is in the AHL right now, and Oilers fans are curious about his experience, what fair expectations might be, and perhaps most importantly, when will we see him again?

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January 14 2017 12:00PM

It has been years since we've been here. Saturdays in Edmonton, over these 10 years, have come and gone without the feeling we have today. Combine anxiety, anticipation, 10 years of rage, demon liquor, unsatisfied sexual urges, blind anger from the workplace, and the blasted carbon tax, and you begin to approach the potential explosion just hours away in our fair city. Tonight, a 20-year old hockey player, touched by God, hits the ice with his fellow soldiers in a battle of Alberta that matters. Hello, friend. It is so very good to see you again.

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