September 25 2014 04:56PM

For years now we've been waiting for that 2010 entry draft to stand and deliver. I've argued for a long time that it's impossible to measure a draft's success in the short term (unless it's obvious, like Taylor Hall or Troy Hesketh) and in 12 months I think we'll be able to safely make the call on the Oilers 2010 edition. How is it going?

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September 24 2014 11:15AM

Earlier this month, I joined a fantasy hockey league (Oilers Nation) and drafted the "Oakland Seals" roster that will sink like a stone (my goalies may already be in the AHL). Fantasy hockey is a big damn deal, and the magazines and websites that project stats are myriad. Although I've never played fantasy hockey before this season, I'm absolutely certain Scott Cullen's numbers are the best. Why? He's reasonable.

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September 24 2014 10:00AM

chase ferguson 1

One prospect was taken in the second round, the other in the seventh. Just one year later, the seventh-round selection has an NHL entry-level deal, the praise of his coach and is looking at a final junior season that may involve the World Junior Championships. The other remains unsigned and coming off an injury-plagued season.

Greg Chase and Marco Roy were separated by five rounds, but in reality they were much closer in quality.

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September 22 2014 05:30PM

If everything breaks right the Edmonton Oilers will sign Vladimir Tkachev to a contract later this week. I believe it's a quality move, a real innovation—no matter the outcome of the player's career. Why? NHL teams only have so many ways to procure useful talent, and badly need to exercise all of them. Oilers history has many players acquired in unusual ways.

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September 19 2014 10:45PM

Even the most avid hockey fan loses the script when it comes to prospects and injuries. A player is drafted, and we track the stats but forget the injuries. The cumulative effect of those injuries often means a top prospect is not what he was supposed to be five years on. We remember Marc Pouliot as a failed prospect, but do we remember all of the injuries and lost games in those vital development years? I suspect the answer is no.

As the fall arrives and Tyler Pitlick looks to make the NHL for good, it's worth remembering the injuries, and discussing their impact.

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