June 10 2012 08:51PM

The truth is I don't think about it anymore. The spring of opponents' sorties handled expertly, the human rake with the enormous calm feet and the boys of winter winning deep into spring. I do retain one beautiful memory from that spring: the heavenly blue.

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June 10 2012 09:16AM

It's a famous scene even in Lego Land, a young man graduates into the complicated world of adulthood. For a few Oklahoma City Barons, graduation day came this spring and next stop is the NHL. How many kids will graduate this year? Maybe more than it would first appear.

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June 09 2012 07:51AM

This spring, I've written several posts here at ON to serve as a "guide" for fans like me who want to follow the annual entry draft closely. Like the swallows at Capistrano, the top 30 marks the moment of arrival. This is the Lowetide top 30.

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June 06 2012 10:13PM

Some of the very best men to wear an Oilers uniform have come to our city from the Quebec League. The first pick in Oilers NHL history (Kevin Lowe), high flying Ales Hemsky and the legendary Georges Laraque were all drafted from the QMJHL. Edmonton clearly has a Q player on their radar this season, too.

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The Skill Positions

June 04 2012 07:19AM

The Edmonton Oilers future is fast, furious and spectacular. At this point it's not a matter of "if" they'll contend for a spot near the top of the conference, but "when" they'll put it together. The gathering of jacks and kings has given Edmonton a tremendous amount of skill. Do they have enough high end talent? Do they have enough room for another elite winger?

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