TRACERS: Oilers Rookies Vol 2 (85-89)

December 08 2011 05:12PM

This is Gord Sherven. By 1984, the Edmonton Oilers were aiming at Stanley from October to May, and counted 5 of them in the seven years between 1984 and 1990. Not much room for rookies.

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December 06 2011 09:07PM

This is Joe Murphy. A November 1989 trade that brought him to Edmonton was a key element in the Oilers run to their 1990 Stanley. Murphy developed great chemistry with Adam Graves and they formed the heart of the "Kid Line" that spring.

Sometimes a slight adjustment is all it takes.

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December 04 2011 11:48AM

Lots of anger on the internet today over last night's loss to Calgary. I would like to offer a somewhat opposing view to what has been written so far.

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December 03 2011 09:21AM

It's no secret that the Edmonton Oilers badly need the stability, calm feet and leadership provided by Ryan Whitney. No one should expect the all world half season provided by the big man a year ago, but solid defensive play married to PP expertise.

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Samwise The Hurdler

December 01 2011 05:10PM

There was a time when Sam Gagner was the great hope for the Edmonton Oilers. A high draft pick who could post 40+ points and had his future in front of him, Gagner's slick passes and razzle dazzle made him a crowd favorite. In Edmonton these days, it doesn't take long to become yesterday's papers. For most Oiler fans, Gagner is strictly under the fold and probably somewhere near the classifieds. How then does Tom Renney feel about him?

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