January 10 2012 05:03PM

I've always cheered for the underdog. Along with making me an ideal Oiler fan circa 1991+, it also means that few things in sport make me smile more than things like Corey Power Potterplay's new contract and Gilbert Brule's new lease on life. It should be this way for all of us.

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Another Year Over

January 08 2012 12:13PM

The brightest story in this Oiler season may come from ownership. With the arena situation progressing, Daryl Katz will have more time to examine the rebuild. What's been happening? Where are the successes? Failures? What should be done?

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The Importance of Jordan Eberle

January 07 2012 09:49AM

Jordan Eberle can't fly (despite appearances) but beyond that there appear to be few limitations. Eberle's importance to this edition of the Edmonton Oilers impacts the team on and off the ice.

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January 06 2012 02:42PM

One of the true joys of living in Alberta is that glorious blue sky. Anyone who has spent a week on the coast during rainy season knows what a lack of sunshine can do to the soul. This week, blue skies across Alberta meant something special for Edmonton Oilers: defensive help is on the way, and blue, blue skies are on the horizon.

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So, You're An All-Star

January 04 2012 06:27PM

Phil Cornet was a depth draft selection in 2008, turned pro in 2010 and posted what can only be described as a "pedestrian" AHL rookie season at age 20. Today he's an AHL all-star and a candidate for future NHL employment, Why all the fuss? Goals.

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