Framing the Issue

October 20 2010 08:08AM

This is Henry Fonda in "12 Angry Men." Along with wonderful phrases like "the New Jersey hair-splitting convention" the movie is a compelling look into the meaning of reasonable doubt and the power of bias and prejudice. It's one of my favorite movies. 

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Pipeline #1

October 18 2010 05:12PM

That's Kyle Beach (left) being interviewed by Guy Flaming. The Pipeline Show is gaining recognition for their exceptional coverage of junior and college hockey along with outstanding pre-draft and draft coverage. Flaming and Dean Millard have created an outlet for players and coaches who rarely get noticed, and offer the hockey fan the earliest look available at the future of the game.

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Tracking the Department of Youth

October 17 2010 06:59AM

In our weekly look at Oilers prospects, it looks like some of the kids in junior are on their way to breakout seasons. At the AHL level, some prospect progress and some trying times for future Edmonton Oilers.

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Growing Pains

October 15 2010 07:33AM

Life doesn't always turn out as planned. One minute you're on a big time television show and the next minute you're making straight-to-DVD classics. The window of opportunity can close quickly. Thank goodness there are older folks around to give advice.

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October 13 2010 05:08PM

Patience is required in order to let things develop in their own time, especially when it comes to youth. One minute kids are failing again and again, the next minute they've mastered the discipline and moved to a new level. When it comes to predicting hockey players and their futures, patience is a vital part of the plan.

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