Win The Day

September 24 2011 09:10AM

This is no time for the faint of heart. NHL jobs are in play, futures are being decided, riches and glory are within reach. This is the time to go balls out, to make an impression so indelible there is no question who wins the day. Lose that worried brow, step up today and secure a future in the finest hockey league in the world.

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OKC: The Outer Marker

September 21 2011 05:31PM

Any fool watching these whiz kids who will soon be headed for Oklahoma City can see good things ahead for the farm in 11-12. A good crop one year ago (Omark, Petry) may give way to a watershed (Lander, Hartikainen, Hamilton, Pitlick, Teubert) some day soon. Could this be the Oilers all time best farm team? 

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September 20 2011 06:43PM

You can predict some of this Oilers season by what's being discussed in the media, and predict a lot more by what isn't making news.

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Oilers Top 10 Calder Candidates 11-12

September 19 2011 04:55PM

A year ago, the Edmonton Oilers had a trio of strong Calder candidates to start the season. In the end, none of them won the Calder trophy despite delivering solid debut seasons. This year, the Oilers don't have any strong candidates for the trophy.

Or do they? 

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Joey Moss Cup

September 18 2011 07:15AM


The Joey Moss is an annual rite of fall, a chance to watch the town team as a family and honor the organization's finest: Joey Moss.

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