Taylor Hall: Road Warrior

February 12 2011 07:47AM

Taylor Hall's rookie season has been a blessing for Oiler fans. Why? There's always a reason to watch the town team. However, Hall has been more impressive on the road than at home. Is it a big difference? Read on.

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More Bullets for Stu

February 10 2011 05:39PM

All of the talk surrounding Hemsky and Penner being dealt is starting to cloud the issue: Steve Tambellini's job at the deadline is to deliver more bullets to Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor.

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12 Biggest Deadline Deals (Oilers)

February 09 2011 06:17PM

This is Ron Low. A deadline deal that sent the big goalie to Edmonton for Ron Chipperfield was the first of many deadline deals made by the Oildrop. That deal--made just one day after the famous "Goring to the Island" trade--was a very important transaction in Edmonton's NHL history. Is it one of the 12 biggest deadline deals in Oilers history? Read on.

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Oiler Prospects Still Rolling

February 07 2011 05:09PM

This is Anton Lander. After returning to Sweden following the World Junior championships, Lander has stepped up his offense and might be the club's most complete prospect outside the NHL. How are the organization's top prospects doing so far in 2011? 

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Trade Rumors Heating Up

February 06 2011 08:01AM

This is Chris Phillips. He's rumored to be heading to the Edmonton Oilers. It is one of many rumors out in the ether that could impact the town team.

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