11-12 Questions about 11-12

April 02 2011 08:36AM

The Taylor versus Tyler debate is a distant bell. Another long season in the L column is almost complete. Oiler fans have the draft lottery ahead of them, and then a spring filled with debates over this year's #1 and a plethora of possible roster moves. Let's get started.

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Oilers Reach Into Past to Address Today

April 01 2011 07:31AM

Early this morning, the Edmonton Oilers reached out to the past to address a current need. Welcome newest Edmonton Oiler--and a blast from the past--Ralph Intranuovo.

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I Love Paris in the Springtime

March 30 2011 07:50AM

A kid from Paris--the one in France--who owns a Spanish sirname is the most sought after free agent in the game today.

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#1 Overall Still a Mystery

March 27 2011 08:09AM

The NHL Entry draft is still 3 months away. For Edmonton Oiler scouts, that's a good thing.

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Pääjärvi's Season

March 26 2011 08:34AM

Magnus Pääjärvi is a very impressive young player. Size, blazing speed and exceptional attention to defensive detail for a man his age. As his rookie season nears an end, there is one question we should ask about him: is he going to score enough to be a long term option for the top 2 lines?

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