GDB 8.0: Oil in Columbus

October 28 2010 12:42PM

Columbus is the 4th largest city in the Amercian midwest. Named after Christopher Columbus (who owned a Starbucks downtown), it was recently ranked as the 18th best place in the USA for a woman to find a useful male.

Rascal Flatts are from Columbus, Joe Walsh and Dwight Yoakam too. Jesse Owens and Jack Nicklaus are from Columbus. The great Beverly D'angelo is from Columbus, Ohio. Entertaining hockey is also available from time to time in Columbus. 

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Bend 'em like Peckham

October 27 2010 11:44AM

Although not technically a rookie, Theo Peckham is spending his first full season in the NHL. His impact is obvious, and he's moving up the depth chart. 

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Shopping List

October 25 2010 06:28PM

This is Wayne Cashman. He was a load. Tough in the corners, a mile past filthy and skilled enough to run with Esposito. A "Cashman-type" is at the top of the shopping list for the current Edmonton Oilers. Along with "????? to Hall" and "amazing stop by ????" and "Oilers most complete defenseman" is the need for a guy just like Wayne Cashman.

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Barons on TV Today!

October 24 2010 08:18AM

Each week, I do an update on Oilers prospects who are making noise in leagues below the NHL. It was designed to be a rotating update, 8-10 players per week in an effort to (eventually) touch base with all of the club's good prospects. It is quickly becoming the Martin Marincin weekly update. The kid from Kosice is something else. 

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This Is Us

October 22 2010 07:36AM

Last night's Oilers game was an enjoyable one. Although the town team lost, most shifts gave fans an indication about things to come. Speed, skill, passes and dekes that showed the true beauty of the game. Buckle up, this is going to be a fast ride.  

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