December 15 2012 08:04AM

Photo by Rob Ferguson. all rights reserved.

The first Baseball America I ever bought was at Pike Place Market in Seattle, summer 1987. The cover photo was of Casey Candaele--he'd hit a flyball and was leaving the batter's box with (as my mind remembers it) much the same look as Nathan Deck in this photo from last night. The photographer caught Candaele from the left field side, so the angle is wrong, but the Candaele story is represented each winter in hockey by guys like Deck. No draft pedigree, hell even nerdy fans like me haven't one damn clue who the hell he is (he looks like the bat boy for crying out loud); doesn't matter. If Nathan Deck can play every game like he did last night, he's going to zoom past the first rounders on his way to the land of Casey (Candaele) at the bat.

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December 14 2012 07:37AM


He arrived in a summer when Oiler fans felt they already had their "goalie of the future" and he left when the man Edmonton acquired for Moog had established himself as a top flight goaltender. In between, he was a legend. Grant Fuhr provided Oiler fans with acrobatics worthy of the Flying Wallendas. 

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December 13 2012 05:16PM

How many players should we expect Todd Nelson to graduate to the NHL next season? What would the number be in a typical year? How many prospects a season does Edmonton produce via their minor league system?

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December 09 2012 02:41PM

Back on draft day 2009, the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs were just outside the "top drawer" zone and well inside a group of 7 or 8 quality players ranked 7-15. The Leafs chose Nazem Kadri, Edmonton went with Magnus Paajarvi--and since then, both fanbases have been waiting for their arrival. Did the lockout finally give them a chance to settle in and find the range?

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December 08 2012 04:39PM

On June 29, 2013, in the swamps of New Jersey, Edmonton will finally get back a player in the Andrew Cogliano trade. The 2013 entry draft could include a lottery selection, depending on if/when the season is played and the Oilers final position. Are there some worthwhile names to add to the cluster of selections that began in 2010 with Taylor Hall? Damn straight. 

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