Consider it Avoided

October 19 2011 07:41AM

It looks like the Oilers will be sending a defenseman to OKC sometime this week. Ryan Whitney played more than expected last night, Potter is emerging as a legit top 6 option and the blue has worn better than expected through the early stages of the season. Which defender should be sent down?

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What We Can Learn from the Detroit Wheels (Vol 3)

October 18 2011 10:11PM

The good news for Edmonton Oiler fans is that many of the things management could do to improve has been fast tracked by an aggressive draft strategy that punished heavily short term in the hopes of delivering riches on the other side.

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October 16 2011 07:33PM

In the second look at Detroit's procurement and development template, we explore the farm system in the '00s, how Detroit uses Europe for development and understand the role scouting plays in the Red Wings success.

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Hard Times for Teddy Peckman

October 16 2011 08:20AM

Theo Peckham's always been a favorite of mine, a throwback to an era when the enforcers could also play. The young man played in the deep end of the pool a year ago and survived, suggesting his arrows were heading in a good direction. Early this season, the sun shines less bright on the career of a young man hired to do an insanely difficult job: clear the crease, battle giants and move the puck efficiently. What's up with Teddy Peckman? 

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The Barons: Building A Stronger Tomorrow

October 15 2011 07:53AM

David LeNeveu (goalie) and Kirill Tulupov (also in photo) are two of the men "on the farm" for the 11-12 season. A minor league team that housed talents like Jeff Petry and Linus Omark a year ago is brimming again with talent. Who are these guys? 

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