Saturday Splatterday

January 21 2012 07:17AM

The January story for the Edmonton Oilers is twofold: injuries have once again taken their toll, and the remaining veterans can't hold back the water.

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January 19 2012 09:00PM

This is Miro Satan. Darcy Regier once said “with young players there’s a window of opportunity, especially ones with skill. You don’t know if you’ll be able to help them find the switch in time before the window closes. Some make it, some don’t … some just squeeze through and that’s the game we all play”.  The Oilers grew impatient with him and sent him away, and Satan's window flew open in Buffalo and he laid waste to NHL goalies for a decade.

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Signing Andy Sutton

January 17 2012 06:41PM

Ladislav Smid is one of the more valuable players on Edmonton's blue line these days. It's interesting to see how much coach Renney relies on him and the situations Smid gets the most work. It's also interesting to see how much Andy Sutton plays during a game.

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January 15 2012 10:31AM

The Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings have done business a lot over recent history. Will they make another deal at the deadline?

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Golden Slumbers

January 14 2012 09:32AM

This is Nail Yakupov. From what I can tell his first name sounds more like 'Nile' than 'Nail' but I'm uncertain if that's artistic license or there's an actual trick to the pronounciation. Yakupov is dynamic--Taylor Hall dynamic--but for Oiler fans the thought of another appearance by Steve Tambellini at the draft lottery, another set of draft parties on a Friday night in June, another trip to the podium to announce "the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select" is almost too much to take.

The pinnacle of an NHL season is supposed to happen in spring, not summer. Right?

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