Max Return

April 16 2011 08:25AM

This week saw all kinds of news breaking around the 2011 Entry Draft. New Jersey won the lottery (Lou must have found the Crossroads shortly after Robert Johnson, buddy's had a horseshoe implanted since the 80's) and the Edmonton Oilers won too. The town team will select first overall. Or will they? 

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The Point is Moot!

April 15 2011 07:42AM

It's fun to ponder which of the Oilers rookies had the best season, and to ask which of them will have the better career. A better question might be "can these kids help the Oilers win the Stanley in the next decade?"

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What Would it Look Like?

April 13 2011 07:46AM

At last night's draft lottery (not a great television show but there was suspense--witness Bryan Murray's facial expressions throughout the proceedings) Oilers General Manager was resolute when asked if he wanted to be back on the lottery show next year: "Absolutely not!" he told James Duthie. IF the Oilers are serious about staying away from the dungeon, what would this summer look like? 

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April 11 2011 06:03PM

Scouting reports are like snapshots of people we don't know. They hold our interest, we might pursue more information (or photos) but the bottom line is that nothing is as good as personal experience. So, when Central Scouting released their final list today, we must remember it's a quick snapshot of a moment in time. It is a guide, it is not the bible. The bible arrives on draft day.

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Department of Youth

April 10 2011 08:08AM

It has been years--decades--since the Edmonton Oilers enjoyed a rookie crop like the 2010 kids. Offense is their calling card, but they're not one dimensional, and the forwards are backed up by a quality defensive prospect and a goaltender who could end up being the starter for years to come.

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