November 30 2013 12:49PM

The Edmonton Oilers selected Darnell Nurse this summer in the entry draft, and then sent him out to junior after a strong showing in training camp. Nurse looks like the real deal—defense first, rugged player, a mean streak and he can move the puck—but it's going to take some time before he gets to the NHL and then even longer to be helping the team win games. With the Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle payday contracts kicking in this season, what is the window for this group? How long do they have to wait for that complete defenseman? Is it worth waiting?

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November 29 2013 07:21PM

On about day two of the National Hockey League's existence, someone said to someone "we need more size" and began a quest that continues to this day. The size/speed/skill prospect trifecta is so rare that NHL teams can go a decade or more without having one—Edmonton sent their last complete power forward away on November 15, 2000—and spend dozens of draft picks in vain pursuit of a successor.

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November 28 2013 05:36PM

The Edmonton Oilers continue to go about the business of developing talent in Oklahoma City, and their prospects are moving up and down internal depth charts all day long in an effort to rise to the top. It's an amazing process and can change so much—even in a 30 days. Here's this month's update.

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November 27 2013 07:36PM

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Denis Grebeshkov from the minors today, placing Phil Larsen on IR and changing up the roster look a little on the back end. Edmonton's defensemen have been under siege for the entire season, and there appears to be no relief in sight—can Grebeshkov help this time?

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November 25 2013 06:58PM

When the Edmonton Oilers sent away Ladislav Smid in early November, we heard all kinds of possible reasons for the deal. The club was worried about his contract moving forward (cap concerns), the club had too many of the same-type defenseman, and on it went with the reasons. Ladisalv Smid's agent (Steve Kotlowitz) said “I don’t think the Oilers are done (trading)” right after the trade, but we're a few weeks later and nothing has happened in the trade department. Where's the beef?

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