Sail On, St. Albert Saint

August 18 2010 05:34PM

Chicago's Blackhawks caught a break today, acquiring a good man and loyal soldier at a very reasonable price. Our loss is their gain.

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Minor League All-Stars

August 17 2010 07:13PM

This is Guyle Fielder. He played only 15 NHL games (and many of those with some of the best talent in the history of the game), but never scored a point in any of them. In the minor leagues, he was Gretzky. 

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The Lesson of the Flying Burrito's

August 16 2010 05:30PM

Long before the Eagles, the Flying Burrito Brothers (and others) were working on a sound that incorporated country and rock music into something special. Gram Parsons would have been rich and famous by now, but got caught up in UFO's, LSD and the Joshua Tree.

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He Came From Providence (the one in Rhode Island)

August 14 2010 09:34AM

This is Brian Burke about 35 years ago. It was very likely around this time that someone last used "Brian Burke" and "likeable" in the same sentence. This weekend we'll see the great man in action.

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Oilers Announce Impressive Prospects Roster

August 12 2010 05:28PM

The Edmonton Oilers released their list for prospect camp today.

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