Confessions of an Oiler Fan

October 02 2011 08:22AM

My name is Lowetide and I haven't thought about the Oilers trading for a defenseman in five minutes. (polite applause)

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Blue On Blue

October 01 2011 06:27AM

A young man's playing career is in jeopardy, the injuries keep piling up and the Edmonton Oilers aren't even at the starting gate. Is the story of the season being written before launch?

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Beware the Moops

September 29 2011 10:42PM

It's a big weekend for the Oilers bubble boys. Thirty-two names are still in the hat, but this time next week the Oilers 23 man roster will be set. Here's a guideline of things to look for this weekend.

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A Useful Enforcer?

September 27 2011 06:17PM

"Having 18 lovable guys on a team is fine, but if you finish last they aren't so lovable."
-Fred Shero.

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Bulletproof Hartikainen

September 25 2011 08:51AM

Despite a depth chart that appears unkind, despite more one-way contracts than Carter has pills, Teemu Hartikainen has that "look" about him. It's the same look that thrust Kyle Brodziak from "also in photo" to opening night lineup in 2007 fall. Can the Finn make it?

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