The Graduates

March 19 2011 08:59AM

Former US President George Bush put it so well many moons ago when he asked "is our children learning?" The answer appears to be a resounding "yes" based on this season's OKC results. 

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Heart of the Order

March 18 2011 05:51PM

This is Tim Raines. Powder blues, doubles to the gap, lightning on the base paths. First to third in a heartbeat, sb followed by runs scored all day long. Tim Raines was a glorious leadoff hitter, but the Expos placed him in the heart of the order. Didn't matter. He killed that too.

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The Nuge

March 15 2011 08:27PM

This draft season has waited a long time for a leader to emerge. That moment is here. Finally. The "future" plays down the QE2.

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2011 Grads (C, L, R)

March 14 2011 01:27PM

As the rebuilding Oilers continue to gather young assets, difficult decisions will have to be made by management and the coaching staff. Some of those decisions, especially at center, may arrive this summer.

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2011 Grads (G & D)

March 13 2011 09:13AM

The Edmonton Oilers have a large number of young men ready to graduate. Pro hockey is the next step, they've complete their studies and are ready to sign contracts. Next stop? Edmonton, Oklahoma City, Stockton. Or back to junior.

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