The Midnight Rider

November 23 2011 06:30PM

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is tracking like a Calder winner. Seriously. He's ripping it up, and not just on home ice anymore. How good can he be? Too soon to tell. How good is he as a rookie compared to recent freshman? That we can begin to answer.

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Almost Saturday Night

November 21 2011 09:04PM

Ladsilav Smid has been maturing as an NHL defenseman in full view of NHL audiences for over 5 years now. We know young people don't develop in a straight line--ask any parent--and we also know that playing defense in the NHL is a very tough discipline. When you make a mistake, it's in the net and you're exposed on the highlight reel. So, congratulations to Laddy Smid for climbing Everest. Here's hoping you have some company soon.

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Report Card Day!

November 20 2011 11:29AM

Absolutely no peeking. This is serious business. The quarterly report cards are in and we need to be very sensitive about how word gets out. So, open this but please don't gossip about the contents inside. We want to make sure everyone gets their marks in the proper manner.

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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

November 19 2011 07:33AM

In the storied history of the Edmonton Oilers, few trades have turned out better than Colin Fraser and a 7th round pick for Ryan Smyth. Hell, I'm not even certain there IS a 7th round! I'm not sure it's the biggest trade in Oiler history, but it's the longest and that's for sure.

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November 16 2011 06:01PM

When I was a kid, the Oakland Seals had a new crop of good looking rookies every year. The following year, most or all of those would fall out of favor and there would be a new group of hopefuls. From Stan Gilbertson to Bobby Sheehan to Joey Johnston to Dave Hrechkosy and on it went. After awhile--and I was young, this may not have occured to me until years later--the smart man stops questioning the rookies and begins to suspect the organization.

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