Injuries and Prospect Development

July 09 2010 04:55PM

The mind is a funny thing. It selects portions of events for storage, so that years down the line our memory "plays tricks on us." Many years from now, fans might check out Oilers draft history and think "boy Doug Lynch was a poor pick" without knowing (or remembering) his major injury and how it impacted Lynch's career.

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The Blue

July 08 2010 07:43AM

A glance at the current Oilers depth chart tells us a lot about the future. Up front, this team is loaded with tremendous potential. The list of young forwards (Gagner, Cogliano, Brule with the big league team; Hall, MPS, Eberle, Omark, Hartikainen, Lander, Vande Velde) is long, deep and varied; I dare say the only time this team has enjoyed such a large list of potential quality forwards was 79-81 (although the mid-90's had a large and impressive group). 

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This Generation's Stan Weir

July 07 2010 07:41AM

This is Stan Weir. He is a very important figure in Oilers history, because of his role on the first three Oiler NHL teams. He was a vital part of the group in 79-80, his role began to fade the following season (as detailed by Peter Gzowski in his classic book The Game of Our Lives).

Weir did the difficult work until the gifted kids could take on the chores, and in that way lives forever in Oiler lore. 

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3 Oilers File for Salary Arbitration

July 05 2010 09:36PM

Word tonight (from various sources) that three Edmonton Oilers have filed for salary arbitration; Jeff Deslauriers, Gilbert Brule and JF Jacques.

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Tom Renney In A Box (Part 2)

July 04 2010 11:26AM

In our final look at Tom Renney and his coaching tendencies while with the Rangers, we'll examine how he handled the defense, the goaltending and rode his stars on the powerplay.

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