Passed Like A House On the Side of The Road

November 09 2011 06:14PM

This is a rare photo of Taylor Chorney in a St. Louis Blues uniform. He played in 2 games for the Blues before being placed on waivers. Chorney may end up with another NHL team via waiver. Will it be the Oilers? Is he a player of interest?

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Tracking Gernat

November 06 2011 10:00PM

Edmonton Oiler fans should have no trouble tracking phenom Martin Gernat--he plays his home games at Rexall and he hits the score sheet with alarming regularity. How good IS he? We're beginning to find out.

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Right On Time

November 06 2011 07:24AM

Young defensemen are such a pain in the ass until the light goes on. It's true. Turning the wrong way, falling down, forgetting the backdoor play, I've watched decades of young defensemen and with few exceptions it's an absolute nightmare. They screw up two-on-ones, block out the goalie, take penalties at the worst time for no good reason and turn the coaching staff grey. However. When they turn the corner, when the lightbulb over their head goes on, when they manage oppositions sorties with authority--well, that's a damn good day.

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He'll be Fine

November 05 2011 09:29AM

A few years ago, one of my kids asked me a question that floored me and pointed out a truth about all of us--we worry too much about things we shouldn't worry about at all. The child--who will remain nameless to protect their identity and further embarrassment as I've told the story many times--said "Dad, everyone is getting married. Is there going to be anyone left for me?"

Well, yes. Don't worry.

I think it's pretty much the same thing worrying about Paajarvi's scoreless streak to start the season. History tells us that there will be someone for you when it's time, and that Magnum PS will see his numbers align with historical totals. Honest.

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Lost In The Supermarket

November 03 2011 11:01PM

Tonight, the Oilers and the Barons are playing on the left coast. The current swing for the Barons might be the closest many of the minor leaguers get to Edmonton this season. The problem doesn't appear to be prospect development--there are some impressive starts in OK City--but rather good to great performances and terrific health at the major league level. For some of the Oklahoma City Barons, the time is now. And it isn't coming.

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