September 16 2011 07:46AM

It's easy to describe the leaves in autumn and it's oh so easy in the spring

But down through January and February is a very different thing

-Van Morrison

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Mr. Mojo Risin'

September 15 2011 07:30AM

Wouldn't it be great if NHL phenom's names formed anagrams that spelled "future Gretzky" or "lock for a Hart" or something that gave us a clue about their future? Well, they don't, and the fact is that all kinds of things can get in their way. An organization building for a better tomorrow is well advised to procure talent in large bunches. For the Edmonton Oilers--under the leadership of Stu MacGregor--mission accomplished.

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Birth of a Nation

September 12 2011 10:41PM

This is Jim Harrison. In the weeks leading up to his signing, Bill Hunter announced the team's name (Alberta Oilers) and the first two player signings (Bob Falkenberg and Jim Benzelock). More than any single event in the birth of the Oilers, the signing of Jim Harrison--away from Toronto's Maple Leafs and under "mysterious" circumstances--marked the beginning of one of hockey's greatest franchises.

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Such A Klefbom--Updated***

September 11 2011 07:08PM

This is Oscar Klefbom. He's hurt--again!

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Stand Back!

September 11 2011 08:25AM

Starting tonight, the three week competition for roster spots gets underway. The Oilers rookies--another #1 overall selection among them--are playing in a tournament in BC's interior. Everything counts.

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