Pleasant Valley Sunday

October 30 2011 11:52AM

All appears to be calm and beautiful. The Oilers are performing beyond expectations, the Eskimos are fumbling their way to playing on the road in the playoffs and it's snowing somewhere else. What could possibly go wrong? 

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All The News That Fits

October 29 2011 09:24AM

A few weeks into the 2011-12 NHL season, there are some similarities emerging for the 2010 and 2011 entry drafts. In both seasons, the top 2 selections made the leap to the show, both drafts boast a defenseman who adjusted seamlessly to the show and then a later pick in the top 10 who made some teams look foolish for passing them over. It'll be years before we make the call, but how is this trending?

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The Ticking Klefbom

October 26 2011 06:17PM

Oscar Klefbom was drafted in June and then forgotten about, lost in the flood of teenagers at rookie and training camp vying for attention from the club and Oilersnation. The trouble with these SEL kids is that it's hard to track them and then even more difficult to evaluate them based on miles and miles of zero's in all the scoring columns. Well, how IS Oscar Klefbom doing?

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Runaway Train

October 23 2011 09:35AM

I'm worried about you, I'm worried about me

The curves around midnight aren't easy to see

To try and get off now is about as insane

As those who wave lanterns at runaway trains

-Rodney Crowell

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Cornet Rising

October 22 2011 06:51AM

Deep into Stu MacGregor's first draft as the Oilers scouting director, the club called the name Phil Cornet. The selection took place at a point in the draft where expectations are low, but Cornet (in his second year pro) is an emerging talent in OKC. 

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