10 (for the Oilers)

February 27 2011 07:40AM

This is a big trade deadline for Steve Tambellini and the Edmonton Oilers. The biggest prize available is within their grasp, and in this case "it's an honor just to be nominated" isn't good enough.

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Stu's Picks Keep Rolling Along

February 26 2011 08:28AM

Stu MacGregor (to our left of MPS) and the Oilers amateur scouting department have had a splendid three seasons at the draft table. 83% of their draft picks are tracking well.

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Burning Daylight

February 23 2011 05:47PM

This is Gilbert Perreault. Buffalo's new owner loved watching him play, and with good reason. Perreault was a wonderful talent, a breathtaking skater with a punishing shot and a sublime ability to deke the opposition out of their jocks.

Edmonton Oilers fans could teach Buffalo's new owner--and their fans--a thing or two about the gift of getting a young owner who is also a fan. It's pretty cool, but it isn't perfect.

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More Kids in the Hall

February 21 2011 08:18AM

The Oilers already have their Jacks and Kings on the wing rolling over the next decade. They lack 6's and 7's and could use a complete defenseman and a workhorse 2-way C of the future. If they are to trade Hemsky and Penner, Steve Tambellini should be looking for a very specific return--young NHL players with a wide range of skills. 

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These Dreams of You

February 20 2011 07:28AM

I dreamed you paid your dues in Canada, and left me to come through

I headed there right away, I knew exactly just what to do

These dreams of you, so real and so true

-Van Morrison

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