First Blush 2011

April 20 2011 05:43PM

The 2011 Entry draft is coming into view. We've mulled over the talent and read the tea leaves. Bob McKenzie's latest update was most informative and now we await the final Redline, McKenzie, ISS lists. In the meantime, here's my first ranking of this year's top 10 prospects eligible for the 2011 entry draft.

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Tracers: The First Universal Draft

April 19 2011 05:16PM

Nowadays, NHL teams use measured language for everything. It was probably inevitable that prepared releases and orchestrated media conferences would win the day, but 40 years ago the quotes from NHL team employees were a lot more fun. Example: the 1969 Amateur Draft--the first universal draft.

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

April 17 2011 09:39AM

Learning to play defense in the NHL must be a difficult process. It's certainly difficult to watch. In the 2000's, the Edmonton Oilers cut off their collective noses to spite their face: no AHL team (or a shared one) in order to save a dollar or two meant those valuable years between 20-23 were a dead zone for defensemen. With the new attention to detail throughout the organization, the OKC Barons are an important stop for future NHL defensemen. Well. How's it going so far?

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Max Return

April 16 2011 08:25AM

This week saw all kinds of news breaking around the 2011 Entry Draft. New Jersey won the lottery (Lou must have found the Crossroads shortly after Robert Johnson, buddy's had a horseshoe implanted since the 80's) and the Edmonton Oilers won too. The town team will select first overall. Or will they? 

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The Point is Moot!

April 15 2011 07:42AM

It's fun to ponder which of the Oilers rookies had the best season, and to ask which of them will have the better career. A better question might be "can these kids help the Oilers win the Stanley in the next decade?"

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