Job Market

September 20 2010 06:40PM

With the 20 roster cuts this afternoon, the Oilers are down to a more workable number. The truth is we could probably cut this roster down ourselves (and right now) and be very close to the 23 who'll make the grade. How many spots are open for competition? My answer is 6.

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Tracers: Systems

September 19 2010 09:09AM


One of the things Oilers fans should look for this season are subtle wrinkles in playing style. Things like how the team forechecks, how they get out of their own zone under pressure, how they run their powerplay. History tells us "systems" can make a helluva difference. A lesser team can level the playing field with hard work and a game plan the other team is unprepared to deal with; 35 years ago, it stopped a dynasty in its tracks.

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Take A Picture (It Lasts Longer)

September 18 2010 07:37AM

This morning, Edmonton Oiler players and fans begin their annual journey through training camp and pre-season. It is a bonding ritual that dates back decades and includes some of the very best players in the history of the game. Today, eyes that have followed great players, also rans and never-were's will follow Taylor Hall, Magnus Pääjärvi, Jordan Eberle, Tyler Pitlick and others. This year is believed to be more important than recent seasons. Why? 

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Brand New Day (2010 TC Roster)

September 16 2010 04:30PM

The Edmonton Oilers have not yet released their training camp roster. Steve Tambellini told the media that 64 men will be in camp. The list is about the same as last years (63), very young, full of tall trees (especially on the blue) and flush with boys from the Western league. This is a list you might want to pay close attention to--many of these kids are going to be around for a long, long time.

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Healthy Plante Important

September 15 2010 09:28PM

In the first period of tonight's Young Stars game against San Jose's rookies, Alex Plante fell at the end of a fight and hit the back of his head. It is exactly the kind of thing the Oilers (and Plante) badly needed to avoid.

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