CHL: The Oilers Personal Development League

November 14 2010 08:38AM

This is a young Curtis Hamilton. He is among several Oiler draft picks who are posting solid numbers in the WHL. Hamilton is a more complete player than the Oilers have drafted in the past (he's more than a "Coke machine"), so his offensive numbers have a wonderful kicker--he can be effective in more than one zone.

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Bring on The Ginger

November 13 2010 07:41AM

The Edmonton Oilers have tried 11 forwards and 7 defensemen on the penalty-kill. It's been a disaster, so bad that the club is looking up at the rest of the league. I'm all about the lottery pick and "exciting last place hockey" but the PK is rapidly becoming the story this season. 

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GDB 14.0: Oilers in Motor City

November 11 2010 11:50AM

Thank you. To the men and women who serve our country with courage and bravery we thank you. Before any puck is dropped, before we talk about the great game, before we post the lineups we thank our military past and present.

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Down Day for the Department of Youth

November 10 2010 07:22AM

As a parent I have often stood in stunned silence while observing my children on life's learning curve. The boy riding cardboard down the stairs, firing heavy items at his sister one Saturday morning with the classic line "don't move, I think I can hit you this time" (poor little girl, when I got to her she was shaking in her boots) or my daughter--just 4 years old--opening up drawers in show-home kitchens and trying to climb into them (don't worry, we bought the place).

The thing is, sometimes you can reach  children with words and advice, and sometimes they have to learn things on their own. Last night, the Oilers kids had a bit of a pity party. Completely predictable and now let's now do that again.

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Omark Gaining Clearance

November 08 2010 07:05AM

This is Linus Omark in an Oilers uniform. The OKC Baron had a huge game yesterday and is now one of the AHL's top scorers.  

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