He Comes from the Land of Ice and Snow

August 24 2011 05:12PM

You can go a long time between scouting reports like the one boasted by Anton Lander. He's touted as an exceptional defensive forward, a man who can post up some offense but will make his living on the defensive side of the puck. His skills are unique, and in this way he has a very good chance of being a "long term" Oiler during a very nice decade for hockey in Edmonton.

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A Giant Walked Among Us

August 22 2011 01:07PM

This is Bill Hunter. Without Hunter, the Edmonton Oilers would not be the city's most famous entity, would not impact Oiler Nation to the point where the Oiler brand and items surrounding have become an everyday activity. How much time do Oilers fans spend a week on their team? How many man or woman hours do they spend on the team instead of actually working? The mind boggles.

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Iron In His Words

August 21 2011 05:00PM

Where--exactly--does Nikolai Khabibulin stand with the Edmonton Oilers? The answer could have an enormous impact on the Oilers 11-12 season. Tom Renney has already told us.

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King Ethan

August 20 2011 02:55PM

The Los Angeles Kings continue to stock up on former Oiler left wingers. Word this aftenoon  that Ethan Moreau will sign this week on the left coast.

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Why Worry?

August 19 2011 09:12PM

Word today that Hockey Night In Canada's coverage of Edmonton Oiler games will be lower this season is causing some heartache. One question: Why?

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