Hard Times for Teddy Peckman

October 16 2011 08:20AM

Theo Peckham's always been a favorite of mine, a throwback to an era when the enforcers could also play. The young man played in the deep end of the pool a year ago and survived, suggesting his arrows were heading in a good direction. Early this season, the sun shines less bright on the career of a young man hired to do an insanely difficult job: clear the crease, battle giants and move the puck efficiently. What's up with Teddy Peckman? 

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The Barons: Building A Stronger Tomorrow

October 15 2011 07:53AM

David LeNeveu (goalie) and Kirill Tulupov (also in photo) are two of the men "on the farm" for the 11-12 season. A minor league team that housed talents like Jeff Petry and Linus Omark a year ago is brimming again with talent. Who are these guys? 

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Birth Of A Nation (Vol 2)

October 13 2011 05:44PM

The Alberta Oilers were entertaining in year one (72-73), but improvements were needed in all areas for the Oildrop. The summer of 1973 would see the Oilers add talent to their base of Jim Harrison and Allan Hamilton--plus deliver news of a new home for fans.

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What we can learn from the Detroit Wheels (Vol 1)

October 11 2011 02:07PM

When it comes to putting together a competitive NHL team year after year, the Detroit Red Wings are the league's gold standard. How DO they do it? Minor league system? Free agents? Luck? Mike Ilitch knows Sam Pollock's ghost? ALL of the above? Let's have a look.

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Tangled Up In Blue

October 10 2011 10:00AM

The Oilers defense performed well enough last night to secure an OT win in G1 of the 11-12 season. Plenty of chaos and things to work on, but overall the 6 showed grit, shot blocking ability, strength along the boards and did a good job of staying in lanes. Down in OKC, there was a lot of blood on the tracks. Opening night for the Oilers at the pro level exposed a distinct lack of depth along the blue. Who knew? Everyone.

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