Oilers 20

May 22 2011 08:39AM

This is Jeff Petry. With the enormous graduating class of 2010-11, the skilled defender finally makes his way to the top of the team's prospect list.

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Nuge Tops All Charts!

May 21 2011 07:10AM

It's been a long time since a WHL kid topped the draft rankings across the board. With the release of Redline Report's latest top 10, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins joins some select company.

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The Draft One Year Later (Part 2)

May 19 2011 05:00PM

If the Edmonton Oilers are going to be an impact team in this decade, the 2010 draft will serve as a foundation. Unlike previous seasons where the club lacked a 2nd and 3rd rd pick (2008) or went off the board in search of needs (2009), the 2010 draft combined three vital items: a strong scouting staff, an enormous opportunity and a quad-venti order of luck.  

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The Draft One Year Later (Part 1)

May 19 2011 07:21AM

The prevailing wisdom among followers of the NHL draft is that 5 years is the earliest possible point to pass judgement on a specific draft. While boring, it makes a lot of sense: 5 years gives college kids a chance to play all 4 years and junior kids can play 2 and then begin their pro careers. After five, everyone should have played at least one season in pro hockey. However, how long before a bad draft begins to smell? Not long. 

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Tracers: Normand Lacombe

May 16 2011 07:25AM

This is Norm Lacombe. He was the subject of one of the NHL's biggest trades at the March, 1987 deadline. Edmonton sent two veterans--Mark Napier and Lee Fogolin--to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Lacombe and a minor leaguer, plus future considerations. Looking back on his career and the boxcar numbers, one might ask what all the fuss was about in regard to Lacombe. Why did the Oilers deal two veterans for Lacombe? The answer after the click.

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