Key to the Highway

March 05 2011 08:00AM

This has been a tumultuous week for Edmonton Oiler fans. Dustin Penner dealt for futures, Hemsky down again and the Golden boy out for the season courtesy the one thing he can't do (fight) leaves Oilers Nation with the Bell Bottom Blues. Fortunately, the Oilers website has an article up that offers the Key to the Highway.

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And the Lord said to him: "Man Up." And he Did

March 04 2011 07:24AM

Taylor Hall has taken more than his share of abuse this season. The young phenom has a vast array of skills, and  one of them is pissing off the opposition with a motor that won't quit and a compete level that's off the scale. Last night, Hall took one too many late hits and reacted. The boy became a man.

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Face Plante

March 02 2011 04:30PM

An NHL team's depth chart is constantly in motion. Dustin Pennner sent away=more icetime for Taylor Hall and others. Injury to Theo Peckham=calling up the best available talent for that player type. The first round pick was passed over on recall. It spells trouble for the prospect.

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You Gotta Have Hart(ikainen)

March 01 2011 05:40PM

The deadline deal that sent Dustin Penner away and brought Colton Teubert to the Oilers organization has a ripple effect throughout the roster and beyond. Good news for some.

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A Deadline to Remember

February 27 2011 10:04PM

Once upon a time in the land of Oiler, everything broke right leading up to the trade deadline. A strong team turned into an outstanding one overnight, and the Edmonton Oilers laid waste to the western conference.

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