December 29 2011 07:46AM

These days, the future of the Edmonton Oilers blue is on display at Rexall and in Calgary. How do these kids look, anyway?

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Let it Bleed

December 27 2011 09:03AM

Edmonton Oiler fans enjoyed an outstanding first game of the 10-11 season. Rookie Jordan Eberle scored the goal of the year and the Godless Flames fell in an epic moment of good vs. evil. This season, the team extended the feelgood through a dozen games before going back to the rebuild.

With the Oilers grabbing 13th slot in the western conference and looking like they aren't going to do much to address injury along the blue, it's important to keep certain dates in mind as the calendar turns over.

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WJ Primer (Oiler Edition)

December 26 2011 07:45AM

It'll be a much different WJ's for Oiler fans this New Year's. In past seasons Jordan Eberle was a major part of team Canada and two years ago we had a chance to kick the tires on Taylor Hall. This season, there is a quality draft eligible representing Team Canada and the Oiler prospects represent team Sweden (Klefbom, in photo), team Czech Republic and team Slovakia.

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Merry Christmas

December 24 2011 09:25AM

We all celebrate Christmas in our own unique ways.

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All Festivus Eve

December 22 2011 09:47PM

Last Festivus I was grumbling about the PK and faceoffs, plus the Katz group and their sabre rattling. With those problems solved, all is well in OilersNation, right? You know, you'd think so.

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