Oilers Future On Display?

August 06 2010 07:44AM

As the reality of another summer spent without addressing center ice adequately sinks in, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to a possible future.

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August 05 2010 07:51AM

In the last couple of weeks I've talked about some possible callups from the Barons, specifically Chris Vande Velde and Theo Peckham. Although the Barons will have some other good young options for callup, the most interesting player in the group is probably Jeff Petry.

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Hell's Gate, Fraser Canyon

August 03 2010 07:19AM

This is Hell's Gate, in the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia. The Canyon walls rise far above the River in this area, and it is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of western Canada. It is usually a surprise for tourists when they view the physical beauty of the river and mountains, and then find out about the large toll the area has taken on locals dating back one century. Some say there are ghosts and "mysterious voices" in the area. In this way, its history of danger and slow progress mirror the Edmonton Oilers at center ice, 2006 summer through today. 

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You Never Know

August 01 2010 10:57AM

This is Jeff Deslauriers as a rookie pro in the uniform of the Edmonton Roadrunners. He was 20, and the year was 04-05. His journey from the 2002 Entry Draft to the starting job at the NHL level in 09-10 is a long and winding road. 

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Reasonable Expectations: The Rookies

July 31 2010 10:40AM

This post begins my annual "reasonable expectations" series. Since there are several wrtiers on Oilers Nation, I'm going to condense all of the players into 5 articles. We begin with the sensational rookies.

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