Up Around the Bend

September 13 2010 07:28PM

Sheldon Souray has turned over a new leaf. His comments in this tsn story explain away the spring comments and point to the promise of a new season. The question is: will Oilers management feel the same way? 

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High Five

September 13 2010 07:13AM

The absolute highlight of the weekend for Oilers fans had to be watching the rookies last night. All the stars were out on a clear night for the future. Hall, Eberle and Magnus Pääjärvi showed tremendous skill and the ability to be in the right place at the right time (I call it Steve Shutt syndrome) and dominated the ice. There are going to be growing pains for this team, but the future looks bright and there will be plenty to cheer about in  2010-11.

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Guide to Rookie Camp 2010

September 11 2010 03:21PM

This is Tyler Bunz. He is among 29 hopefuls in Penticton for the 2010 edition of Oilers rookie camp. To say that this year's group has star power is an understatement.

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Marchant with Hands

September 10 2010 09:22PM

Earlier this week we talked about "comparables."   This is the second installment, devoted to Andrew Cogliano. We're looking for smallish, fleet centermen with offensive ability from the past (and perhaps late developing ability on the southside of the puck) in order to see how this might turn out. We're look through the black and whites to see the future. 

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Long May You Run

September 08 2010 06:26PM

It is very important to pay close attention to the 2010-11 Edmonton Oilers. Savor the moments, take strong mental notes. Make sure those images will last a lifetime.

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