Magnum PS!

January 21 2011 08:03AM

This is Magnus Pääjärvi. In all of the excitement of watching Taylor Hall and his thrilling moves, in seeing just how smart Jordan Eberle is and how well that converts to the NHL, young Mr. Pääjärvi has been lost in the crowd. No more. The kid with Swedish and Finnish roots is having an impact most nights.

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Perfect Storm

January 20 2011 05:34PM

In a draft season that is perhaps a little shy of the 2010 edition, it looks like the Edmonton Oilers might be entering a perfect storm. Their "ideal" player is out there but seems to be slipping down the charts. The Oilers may fall ass over tea kettle into Sean Couturier. It's a big deal.

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McKenzie's List, Top Prospects

January 17 2011 05:03PM

This is Sean Couturier. Tonight, we'll find out if he's the mid-season #1 ranked prospect for the 2011 Entry Draft. Bob McKenzie will unveil his list on tsn this evening, which kicks off a big week for those who follow the draft each season.

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Revisiting NHLE

January 16 2011 09:10AM

In the summer, we talked about writer Gabriel Desjardins and his NHL equivalencies. The original post is here. That was mid-July, and 6 months later we have at least half a season of actual stats to view and compare against the projections. The hard numbers are impressive--across the board. 

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Trade Deadline Primer #1

January 15 2011 08:12AM

The NHL trade deadline is February 28th at 1PM Edmonton time. Last year there were over 30 trades on Deadline Day and another 20 or so leading up to it. Why talk about it this soon? Two reasons: the Oilers should be very involved and the Oilers did quite well at the last deadline. Can Steve Tambellini do it again?

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