All Festivus Eve

December 22 2011 09:47PM

Last Festivus I was grumbling about the PK and faceoffs, plus the Katz group and their sabre rattling. With those problems solved, all is well in OilersNation, right? You know, you'd think so.

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Smoke On The Water

December 20 2011 05:00PM

Did you see him? Cutting across, through and over Detroit Red Wings? Taylor Hall played with abandon and determination last night against the Detroit Red Wings. He also said the right things after the game. #4 is growing up.

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December 19 2011 09:57PM

As time goes by, the things we cherished in our youth fade. We have the memories, and those are most dear. It's important then that we spend some time this 11-12 season with ol '94 and hold him in our minds-eye as he is: determined, gritty, fierce and devoted to being an Oiler playing this beautiful game. Ryan Smyth is an all-time Oiler great. Full stop.

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Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time

December 18 2011 10:04AM

One thing Oiler history can tell us this morning: growing pains are real. This weekend has been full of signs about the future--Magnus Paajarvi sent down, the spectacular Eberle and the impact players in waiting Hall and RNH. Some signs are so good it's enough to make you giddy, and others remind us of just how long a day can be.

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Famous Demotions

December 17 2011 06:46AM

Magnus Paajarvi took it like a man. A demotion is never an easy thing, but older folks will tell you good things can come from times of trouble. The list of men who have gone before him is, well, pretty damn long.

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