November 28 2012 05:26PM


There was a time in my life when this hockey card was my prize possession. I hid it in a shoe box, top drawer of my dresser, and Orr was hidden at the bottom--I felt thieves would go after the Leafs and Golden Seals at the top. I had the entire set (that's a story for .another day) but the Orr card had special value. He was my hero, but he was also the very best player on the very best team--the Boston Bruins of my youth. 

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November 27 2012 05:32PM


This is Doug Lynch. He was the second draft pick made by Kevin Prendergast after he took over as scouting director (the first was Ales Hemsky). Lynch had a solid junior career and adjusted quickly to pro hockey--playing in the AHL All-Star game as a rookie. Lynch's future looked bright, but it was dashed by injury. 

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November 26 2012 05:07PM

The Oklahoma City Barons continued their "Goals Across America" tour this past weekend in Charlotte and at this point are one of four AHL teams with 60 or more goals this season. How dominant is this group? How many goals can they score if they stay together all season? What does their NHL eqivalency suggest for next year in the NHL? Stand back, I don't know how big this thing is going to get.

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November 25 2012 06:42AM

Justin Schultz continues to defy the odds and lead the AHL in scoring, something he's done since the early days of the season. Now, Schultz is being joined by other Barons at the top of the scoring race and there's another group crowding into the league's top 20 point-getters for 2012-13. How unique is this display by Oiler farmhands?

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November 24 2012 06:52AM

Devan Dubnyk arrived this summer with a big time contract signed in July that represented the first real sign of security in the big man's career. His 2-year, $7 million dollar contract was a clear indication Oilers management is committed to him for the next two seasons, and likely beyond. Or was it?

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