Trade Deadline Primer #1

January 15 2011 08:12AM

The NHL trade deadline is February 28th at 1PM Edmonton time. Last year there were over 30 trades on Deadline Day and another 20 or so leading up to it. Why talk about it this soon? Two reasons: the Oilers should be very involved and the Oilers did quite well at the last deadline. Can Steve Tambellini do it again?

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Tough Winter for Tall Tree From Minnetonka

January 14 2011 07:19AM


This is Troy Hesketh. The Oilers selected him in the 3rd round (71st overall) in the 2009 draft. He may be the first of Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor's picks in the top 100 to be considered a draft bust. There's trending downward, and then there's stepping into an elevator shaft.

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Oilers Mid-Season Report Card

January 12 2011 05:04PM

This is Ryan Whitney. Despite injury, he is in fact the Oilers first-half MVP. The Oilers have copious hope hidden under a cloud of win-loss misery. The mid-season report card offers us wonderful clues about the future. Some are staying, others not so much.

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Setting Free the Bears

January 11 2011 06:41PM

With the Oilers reaching the official halfway point of their season, it's time to discuess a few home truths. The Oilers aren't going to make the playoffs, the trade deadline market suggests "UFA" is much easier to move than "RFA" and big ticket items are more likely to move in the warmer months. What does this mean to the Oilers? Read on.

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Oilers Improved Draft Grades

January 09 2011 09:15AM

Player procurement is a vital part of any NHL team. Draft bullets are only as valuable as the men who decide to pull the trigger on draft day. In the last 15 seasons, Edmonton Oiler fans have been exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly from three different head scouts. It's been a long time coming, but there is strong evidence the draft bullets are finding their target.

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