You Don't Know What You Don't Know

August 18 2011 10:34PM

Hockey's Future has their latest Oiler top 20 list up (courtesy Lawrence Bailey) and it's an interesting and informative list. It gives the reader a nice overview of each player and where they stand in the organization. I mention it because it brings up one of my favorite subjects: how best to evaluate a prospect.

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Day 51

August 16 2011 06:49PM

The long days and sleepless nights continue for Dean Lombardi. Horribly wronged and forced to see his summer hobbled by evildoers, he waits and waits for justice while Gary Bettman sits by the pool and the Edmonton Oilers dance a jig. When will the madness end? 

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August 15 2011 10:20AM

When it comes to projecting junior age prospects into the future, there are a few tools at our disposal. Among them are Desjardins' NHL equivalencies and "comparables." The better the NHLE, the more impressive the comparable, the more excited we can be about the current prospect. Hold on to your hats!

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The Blue, Next Generation

August 14 2011 10:50AM

For better or worse, we're coming to the end of the development period for the blue group procured in the middle of last decade. We can pretty much call the winners and losers in that competition, but a better question might be "who's next?"

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Time Enough at Last

August 12 2011 06:34PM

The Edmonton Oilers had a hole in goal, addressed recently by the acquisition of David LeNeveu (in photo). We've discussed it at length, and in fact it remains one of the very important items for the Oilers this fall. The elephant in the room is this: what if NK fails and DD can't hold back the water? 

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