December 31 2015 02:30PM

platzer capture

A look at the AHL website under Bakersfield Condors gives us an idea about who is scoring and who is not—and the prospects are not pushing veterans for the scoring lead. One of the things that can obscure the story is power-play point totals, as it is pretty hard to score from the bench. Are any of the kids on the farm outscoring veterans at 5x5? Let's have a look.

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December 30 2015 06:45PM

yakimov draft capture

Bogdan Yakimov bolted the Oilers over the holidays, the transaction finally up late this afternoon on the AHL's (often newsmaking) transactions page. What might this mean for his future as an Oiler? Well, it isn't good but it might not be the end of the line.

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December 29 2015 02:30PM

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Brad Hunt on Boxing Day, raising some eyebrows around Oilers Nation. Griffin Reinhart, acquired during the summer under significant fanfare, remains on the farm. The nature of the fanbase nowadays is to defend an opinion arrived at during the early portion of the news breaking and defend it for years—it is (apparently) the hill to die on. Let's try something different, by having a look at the player, what he brings, why he wasn't recalled on Boxing Day, and why he could be an important addition to an Oilers playoff team.

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December 28 2015 06:27PM

For much of today, I have been getting dm's and emails (more than 10!) asking me what I think of Zack Kassian as an Oiler. Answer: Doesn't matter. Peter Chiarelli likes his power forwards and there are several roles open on his Edmonton team for next season. Let's have a look.

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December 27 2015 11:16PM

As it turned out, Hunt had some travel issues and did not make it to the game on time. The Oilers have a busy week ahead and there is a good chance we will see him a lot during the coming days. Hunt is enjoying another impact AHL season, but has had coverage issues in his previous NHL cups of coffee. He is the headliner for a big week among Oilers prospects.

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