The Weight

January 01 2011 10:31AM

Every once in awhile, something so unique, so unusual, arrives at your door and forces you to take notice. The Band (above) was like that, their first two albums are as pure as mountain water. The early 80's Oilers were like that too, forcing a nation to take urgent bathroom breaks for fear of missing two or more goals while lollygagging.

The current group of Oilers is just getting started, we don't know if they're truly special or just the latest rage. There are going to be some stops along the way that remind us of the 79-83 Oilers and tonight is one of them. The Oiler kids may never raise the Stanley, but for the other side the theme is "No Country for Old Men." 

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Rockin' New Years Eve

December 31 2010 08:33AM

This is Valeri Kharlamov. He had a major impact on every Canadian hockey fan 38 years ago. Game 1, Canada-Russia. My father and I agreed that Frank Mahovlich would be the best player against the Soviets because of his size and skill (he wasn't; that honor went to Phil Esposito). September 2, 1972.

Canada had a 2-0 lead by the 6:32 mark of the first period. They would be outscored 7-1 over the final 54 minutes. A few years later, the Russians would play Montreal at the Forum on New Year's eve. It's a classic, the game will be on television at least once today in Canada (has been for many years). There's another game this New Year's eve that you might want to watch. It could be a classic too.

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Oilers Prospects Flourish on WJ Stage

December 28 2010 08:26AM

This is Martin Marincin at the World Junior's a year ago. The Team Slovakia defender (and Oilers draft pick) is engaging Nazem Kadri on December 29, 2009. It looks like an effective play by the defender. Oiler draft picks are delivering more of the same at the Buffalo World Juniors this week.

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WJ's Opening Day-- the 2011 Eligibles

December 26 2010 08:50AM

This is Sean Couturier. The big (6.03, 192 and barely 18) power winger enters this year's Wolrld Junior Championships as the number one overall prospect for the 2011 draft. Although Oiler fans concede the Islanders and Devils are too dreadful to catch, Couturier isn't the only name they can watch Boxing week with an eye to the 2011 draft.

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Oil Futures: Plenty on Display at WJ's

December 24 2010 09:45AM

It's safe to say that the Edmonton Oilers have already had a major impact on the World Juniors this Christmas. Taylor Hall and Magnus Pääjärvi  are not scheduled to appear (their tour is on the left coast), but the future of the Oilers will be on display in Buffalo.

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