Hogtown: The Birth of OilersNation

December 01 2010 06:23PM

They still play the game from time to time on NHL Classics. Wayne Gretzky in Toronto, 1980 spring. Mere months before old hockey men in Hogtown could be heard saying "he wouldn't have made the 1950-51 Leafs at ALL" and there he was on that night in historic Maple Leaf Gardens slicing and dicing. It was a night to remember, and the dawn of Oiler nation. 

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Lines & Legends

November 29 2010 09:29PM

40 years ago, the GAG (Goal-a-game) line took the NHL by storm and dominated for several years. The line's makeup was traditional: a smooth, playmaking center (Ratelle), a marksman (Gilbert) and a big man to do the corner work (Hadfield) and drop the gloves when needed. There's more than one way to put a line together, but the key element is that certain chemistry or 6th sense required to maintain possession of the puck long enough to find an open man in scoring position. The Edmonton Oilers have been working on chemistry all season, and it looks like they may have found something. Times three.

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Okla-Homa OK!

November 28 2010 08:48AM

It's been years since we've been here. A minor league team with balance, a successful won-loss record, the ability to lend bona fide players to the big club and offer a quality proving ground for the kids who represent the future. What in hell is going on around here? 

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Tom Gilbert Inside Out

November 27 2010 03:13AM

Playing defense in the NHL during the post-lockout era is one of the toughest jobs in sports. Gone are the days of clutch and grab, subtle stickwork is now rewarded with a whistle and 2 minutes in the box and the old standby (holding the stick) is now called "holding the stick" and comes with 2 more minutes in the sinbin. An entire player type (the plodding defender with size and a terrific wingspan) was nailed to the Cory Cross when management discovered faster wheels were required in the "new NHL." What happens when a "wheels" defenseman falls on hard times? 

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November 25 2010 10:32PM

The pack of hyenas that makes up the irrational portion of the Oilers fanbase has found new prey. They have moved past Shawn Horcoff, last year's victim. They've beaten up on Tom Gilbert this fall, but the quality of the blue overall is so bad that pointing a finger at 77 seems both cruel and dangerous. It looks like the new whipping boy is none other than former golden child Sam Gagner.

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