These Dreams of You

February 20 2011 07:28AM

I dreamed you paid your dues in Canada, and left me to come through

I headed there right away, I knew exactly just what to do

These dreams of you, so real and so true

-Van Morrison

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Trade Winds

February 19 2011 08:22AM

This is Sarah Jessica Parker. All of North America was swept up with NHL trades yesterday and there's a "tell" about possible Oiler trades. Once again, the deadline is all about the blue.

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February 18 2011 07:49AM

This is Ales Hemsky. Despite clear and obvious skills, he is another player that leaves the fanbase divided. Some see him as an electric offensive talent, others see him as a turnover machine whose plodding decision making impacts every powerplay.

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Trade Target: Bogosian

February 16 2011 07:26AM

This is Zach Bogosian. 20-years old, he plays the toughest opposition available, has size and can handle himself. And he might be available.

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Lost Weekend

February 14 2011 07:03AM

This is Ray Milland. He's on his way to pawn his typewriter. He's in Lost Weekend and that's one heavy 48 hours. Edmonton Oilers fans know the feeling, headache and all.

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