Fasth Train

May 11 2011 07:40AM

It doesn't matter where they come from, all they need to do is stop the damn puck. In Canada, more phone calls have been made in search of goalies (all the way from pick  up games to rec league to pro hockey) than the search for girls. Well, maybe not but it's close.

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Ambulance Blues

May 08 2011 08:13AM

The discussion of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as the potential number one overall pick points out the flaws in evaluating junior age kids through math: we just don't have enough information.

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Youth is Wasted on All The Wrong People

May 07 2011 08:47AM

The color and depth of this year's entry draft is becoming clear. Any number of us could jot down the top 10 and be reasonably close to correct on draft day, with only the Memorial Cup and the combine (plus interviews) as a major event on the draft calendar. How far can we reasonably project this year's draft?

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MacT Alert!

May 05 2011 09:36PM

It's been building. Quietly. The "Craig MacTavish" rumblings in regard to an NHL coaching position have been building for the last several weeks. A few funny items on his tsn appearances about his future as a coach, a Matty drop in the EJ. The next shoe to drop? An "out of town" newspaper has him on the radar.

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Combine List 2011

May 04 2011 05:45PM

It's a subtle item, but the NHL's combine invite list may give Edmonton Oiler fans a "key to the highway" for their team's entry draft. 

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