No Fast Times, But Slow, Steady Progress

July 28 2010 06:02PM

Steve Tambellini (and the Oilers management group) are staying the course. It might not be spectacular but it will be effective if they make good decisions on the kids and resist a quick fix. 

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Standing Out in the Crowd

July 25 2010 12:02PM

For the 09-10 Edmonton Oilers, life (as they knew it) is over. Buyouts, trades, declining to make offers to rfa's, the troops will look much different come fall. Fans are on board with the rebuild and will be watching the future closely beginning with training camp. The important new names? Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Pääjärvi and Chris Vande Velde. What now?

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Oklahoma City Barons 2010-11

July 24 2010 08:57AM

There's some excitement in Oilers Nation with regard to this year's minor league team. The Oilers are spending actual dollars on making certain the Barons are competitive, and that has the added advantage of giving the parent team some strong options during the regular season.

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July 22 2010 05:51PM

"Wayne never missed any practice time. He always watched the films with the guys, he was always there at all the meetings. He wasn't given a lot of special attention away from the building. We watched what he did, but as far as coaching him is concerned, we treated him much like the other guys. Except that we adapted our style around him. We had the other players change while we left him pretty much alone. 

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Are We There Yet?

July 20 2010 07:34PM

Andrew Cogliano's final 21 games of the 09-10 season look much better than the rest of his year. In March and April, he went 21gp, 5-10-15 +3 and saw his shooting percentage improve to 13.5 (his career shooting percentage entering this past season was almost 17%). Previous to that, he looked pretty much lost (61gp, 5-8-13). Did he turn a corner? 

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