If the Edmonton Oilers can trade Andrew Ference, should they?

Jonathan Willis
January 25 2015 12:35PM


Would it be wise for the Oilers to attempt to trade Andrew Ference, both in the name of clearing dollars and gaining a more favourable position in the 2015 draft lottery?

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Development and the 200-game mark

Jonathan Willis
January 23 2015 12:09PM


There’s an artificial cut-off that serves as a pretty iron-clad rule as to whether a prospect is of any real value. Basically, once he’s played 200 professional games in North America he’s either in the NHL or he’s a long-shot ‘tweener of no real importance.

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Jonathan Willis
January 23 2015 09:30AM

Todd Nelson6

Todd Nelson’s in a really awkward spot. He’s an interim head coach, with no job security past the next few months, and he’s trying to make changes on the fly with an underachieving roster and no training camp to set things up.

One thing that might help him is reliable reinforcements from Oklahoma City, but at this point it seems either that there aren’t any or that general manager Craig MacTavish wants him to make do with the players currently in the majors.

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The Sum Total of the David Perron Trade

Jonathan Willis
January 22 2015 11:48AM


It’s always interesting to compare the acquisition cost to the departure price when a team acquires a player and then a relatively short time later sends him out of town. The Edmonton Oilers did it with David Perron; did the team come out ahead?

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WWYDW: The Long-Term Coach of the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
January 21 2015 11:15AM

Todd Nelson6

The Edmonton Oilers are just 5-9-2 since firing Dallas Eakins, but with Tuesday’s shootout win the club has improved to 5-4-2 since general manager Craig MacTavish went back upstairs and left the whole kit and caboodle in the hands of interim head coach Todd Nelson.

Is Nelson a long-term fit, or should the Oilers look to a veteran replacement this summer?

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