Todd McLellan and Enforcers

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2015 04:00PM

Todd McLellan3

Todd McLellan joins the Edmonton Oilers from a team that employed both Mike Brown and John Scott, so it’s perhaps reasonable to think that he’s a coach who places a lot of value in the enforcer role. However, prior to that he worked for a Detroit team that wouldn’t know what to do with an enforcer if one had fallen into their lap.

How does the coach use players of this type?

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Increasingly 2015-16 Looks Like a Reset Year for Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
July 20 2015 11:27AM

Peter Chiarelli4

It’s been interesting this summer watching Peter Chiarelli set the pace for his revision of the Edmonton Oilers’ stalled rebuild. He has opted neither for wholesale change nor for a total wait-and-see approach; instead he’s taken the middle ground between the two approaches. Call it a reset year.

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85 Below Zero

Jonathan Willis
July 19 2015 08:00AM

Frozen Phil

The Edmonton Oilers have a pretty massive obstacle to overcome on their road back to respectability: an 85-goal hole separating them from break-even. What was the breakdown of that deficit last year, and where does the team have the most room for improvement?

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Edmonton Oilers’ Defence Corps: 2015-16 vs. 2014-15

Jonathan Willis
July 18 2015 08:00AM


The summer of 2015 will be remembered as a time when sanity prevailed in free agency, when the contracts were reasonable and quality players lasted late into July. Given the odd surplus of quality players on defence, it’s worth taking a look at how Edmonton’s weakest position last season has changed over the summer so far, just to see if there’s a need to add another piece.

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The Edmonton Oilers should look at moving a defence prospect or two

Jonathan Willis
July 17 2015 08:00AM


It’s been apparent for a few years now that the Oilers were facing a logjam of good young prospects on the blue line. The addition of another top-quality prospect rearguard (Griffin Reinhart) has only served to intensify the situation.

An obvious solution is trade.

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