The Value of Training Camp (and small samples)

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2015 01:30PM

Joensuu, Jesse 2

The Edmonton Oilers’ training camp this past fall was really something to see. Several slots were open and there were multiple candidates competing for each job, and as a result we saw some really tight races and some brilliant performances from the contenders.

In hindsight, how much stock should the Oilers have put in that training camp assessment period?

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GDB 66.0: Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Warmer

Jonathan Willis
March 08 2015 10:27AM

Of the 17 games remaining on the Edmonton Oilers’ schedule, none come against an opponent lower in the NHL standings today than this afternoon contest against the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Prospects and Suspects

Jonathan Willis
March 05 2015 01:01PM

Craig MacTavish9

Craig MacTavish was asked at his post-deadline press availability which prospects in the system he wanted to see in the NHL before the end of this season, and his answer says something about the quality and quantity of NHL-ready players in Oklahoma City.

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The Craig MacTavish Defence

Jonathan Willis
March 03 2015 09:39AM

Craig MacTavish6

The Edmonton Oilers’ only move at the trade deadline was to ship Jeff Petry out East in exchange for draft picks, a move which makes one of the weakest defensive groups in the NHL weaker still. And yet, in his press availability yesterday, general manager Craig MacTavish once again praised the players currently comprising that group.

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Jeff Petry traded to the Montreal Canadiens

Jonathan Willis
March 02 2015 07:10AM

Jeff Petry

The Jeff Petry watch is over. On Monday morning, the Edmonton Oilers traded him to Montreal for a pair of draft picks.

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