So Long, Jason LaBarbera

Jonathan Willis
December 14 2013 11:55AM


The Edmonton Oilers announced this morning that they had traded goaltender Jason LaBarbera to the Chicago Blackhawks for the proverbial bag of pucks.

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Zack Kassian, Edmonton Oilers Embarrass Themselves

Jonathan Willis
December 13 2013 10:44PM


The Edmonton Oilers were humiliated by the Vancouver Canucks on Friday night. There are other ways to describe it: they were embarrassed, out-classed, routed, disgraced, humbled, shamed. Whatever the word choice, their 4-0 loss was a game where it appeared the team didn't even belong in the same league as their Pacific Division rivals.

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GDB 34.0: Once More Unto The Breach

Jonathan Willis
December 13 2013 01:56PM

It’s a fair bet that Edmonton Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins did not and will not quote Shakespeare when talking to his team today, but doubtless both he and fans of the Oilers would like to see the spirit embodied in Henry V’s speech as they play the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

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David Perron a Scoring Chance Machine vs. Boston

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2013 10:51PM


Despite the 4-2 loss, the Edmonton Oilers had an okay game against Boston, with "okay" here meaning a combination of dreadful for one period and excellent for two. David Perron, who scored both of Edmonton's goals, was a little north of that mark.

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Where Does Devan Dubnyk Belong in the Oilers’ Pantheon of Goalies?

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2013 08:56AM


With the advances in goaltending over the last three decades, it can be difficult to evaluate across eras. But it’s possible, by comparing each player to the league average at the time, to approximate how Devan Dubnyk stands up to Grant Fuhr and Bill Ranford and Tommy Salo and all the rest.

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