GDB 43.0: Coaching (and playing) for a job

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2015 01:01PM

Todd Nelson7

Interim head coach Todd Nelson has the Oilers trending in the right direction for the first time in a long time, but there is still a sizable contingent out there that hopes to see a veteran head coach take over the reins when Edmonton makes a final decision this summer. How good does Nelson have to be to lose that “interim” tag?

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The Edmonton Oilers under three coaching regimes

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2015 01:00PM

Todd Nelson6

I like Todd Nelson as a coach, and strongly suspect that the combination of a new coach and an influx of new personnel did good things to a team that seemed to be badly in need of some fresh air.

With that said, the team’s current 3-1-2 run under Nelson is built on things that are not going to last.

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Did the Edmonton Oilers see the game Jeff Petry just had?

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2015 12:11AM


Pretty much everyone expects that the Edmonton Oilers are going to trade Jeff Petry. He’s a pending unrestricted free agent on a bad team, and said bad team has never really seemed all that committed to the player.

It’ll be a shame if it happens, because he’s the best defenceman on the team, and the kind of things he does when he's at his best were on full display in Friday’s 5-2 victory over Chicago.

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Shaping the 2015-16 Edmonton Oilers defence

Jonathan Willis
January 08 2015 09:24PM


One of the problems that the Oilers have to address between now and whenever they’re going to be competitive is the state of their defence. It’s been a weak point for ages, and has never recovered from the Steve Tambellini-led dismantling it underwent at the start of the current rebuild.

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Bob Green Promoted; More Changes to Come?

Jonathan Willis
January 08 2015 01:43PM

Green, Bob

As of this writing there hasn’t been an official announcement, but according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie the Oilers have made a move in their front office, elevating Bob Green to a position of oversight over all scouting.

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