2008-09 Springfield Falcons: Five Years Later (Forwards)

Jonathan Willis
July 15 2014 08:31AM

For many years, the Edmonton Oilers did not have an AHL affiliate under their exclusive control. The team started to correct that in the late 2000’s with the Springfield Falcons, a team that was uniformly terrible under their watch. Since then, the Oilers have moved on to the Oklahoma City Barons, a much more successful team on the ice.

But winning is only part of the equation for an AHL team; the more important task is developing NHL players. Looking back five seasons, how did the Falcons do in that regard?

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The 2014-15 Edmonton Oilers Powerplay

Jonathan Willis
July 14 2014 02:00PM

Oilers fans

Edmonton’s offseason changes have been discussed with a fair degree of thoroughness, but one thing I haven’t seen covered is the makeup of the power play. Four regulars (five counting Ales Hemsky) from last year’s unit have since departed, and a number of the team’s recent additions could figure in as replacements. All that, and we haven’t even mentioned the impact of new assistant coach Craig Ramsay on the unit.

So, how should the coaching staff run this year’s unit?

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Timeframe for landing a centre

Jonathan Willis
July 13 2014 07:00AM

Craig MacTavish10

There is a tone of increasing desperation in much of the commentary concerning the Edmonton Oilers’ ongoing quest for some help at centre.

Weighed against that rising emotion is the take general manager Craig MacTavish offered on July 1 when asked about the problem.

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Defining the history of the Edmonton Oilers rebuild

Jonathan Willis
July 12 2014 09:16AM

Defensive mess

The Edmonton Oilers’ rebuild has taken on a life of its own over the years. The official start date used to be hotly debated, though less of late as the need on the part of some to defend the Tambellini rebuild has dissipated. But looking back, it seems clear that the Oilers’ post-2006 wanderings fall into four distinct segments.

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Is David Moss worth a phone call?

Jonathan Willis
July 11 2014 02:14AM

On Thursday, Fox Sports’ Andy Strickland reported that free agent winger David Moss had a tentative deal in place with a team in Switzerland. The caveat was that he had an out clause if he could land an NHL contract in the next week.

It’s a unique situation, and I can’t help wondering if it’s one that should interest the Oilers.

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