Meanwhile, Back On The Farm

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2011 08:05AM

It’s been an interesting season in Oklahoma, where the Barons have had on-ice more success in their initial season than any Oilers farm team has going as far back as the Hamilton Bulldogs. While I’m often critical of managerial choices made by the Oilers, in this instance they set the team up to succeed and deserve credit for executing a solid plan.

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Class & Cowardice

Jonathan Willis
January 09 2011 01:26PM

If there’s anything I’ve learned from writing here at Oilers Nation, it’s that anybody taking the time to publish their opinions in a public forum is bound to take some shots now and then – some of them deserved, some of them not. A thick skin or alcohol, or occasionally both, are a necessity. There’s no reason to complain about that, particularly given that writing about a hockey team often involves critiquing players; turnabout is fair play after all.

Every so often, though, the startling discovery of something can throw a person.

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Oilers vs. Canucks Postgame: Ugly

Jonathan Willis
January 07 2011 11:39PM

That was an ugly game.

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The Interminable Stupidity of “The Oiler”

Jonathan Willis
January 07 2011 08:39PM

The NHL’s marketing department has had a pretty good month, all things considered. The Winter Classic was largely a success. HBO’s 24/7 helped raise the profile of the game in the United States and added depth to the outdoor game.

On the other hand, the “Guardian Project” is one of the worst ideas ever, right up there with Frankenstein’s monster and Jay Leno in primetime.

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Canada vs. Russia Postgame: Collapse

Jonathan Willis
January 05 2011 11:56PM

Three games were played tonight, one in each period. In the first, we saw the Canadian team we had seen throughout the tournament: a powerhouse, offensively capable and much too busy threatening to allow opportunities against. In the second we saw relatively boring hockey, punctuated by the occasional flurry.

Finally, in the third period, we saw either one of the greatest come-from-behind events in tournament history, or one of the greatest collapses.

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