The First Oilers Nation Round Table

Jonathan Willis
January 16 2012 11:21AM

What is going to happen to Steve Tambellini?  What about Tom Renney?  Will the Oilers be big players at the NHL trade deadline?  Are guys like Sam Gagner and Magnus Paajarvi essential parts in the Oilers rebuilding work?

To answer those, and other questions, we have assembled the Oilers Nation Roundtable.  Robin Brownlee, Jason Gregor, Lowetide and myself all weigh in on a series of hot button issues surrounding the team.  After the jump, we lead off with the Oilers' most significant issue this summer: their decision on whether or not to retain general manager Steve Tambellini.

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Cracks In The Drafting?

Jonathan Willis
January 14 2012 03:05PM

Stu MacGregor has received near-universal acclaim for his work on behalf of the Oilers at the NHL Draft. MacGregor replaced Kevin Prendergast in time for the 2008 selections, a change as welcome as the switch from Barry Fraser to Prendergast had been way back when Kevin Lowe made it in 2001.

As with Prendergast, MacGregor made good on his first pick at the helm of the Oilers’ amateur scouting department, selecting Jordan Eberle 22nd overall in 2008. For the first time since that pick, I think there are signs that the Oilers may not be significantly better than the average team at the draft table.

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Learning From Smid and Gilbert

Jonathan Willis
January 12 2012 04:41PM

Tom Gilbert and Ladislav Smid are both having the best seasons of their NHL careers. Both players have taken a long road to get to where they are today. Gilbert is 29 years old, and while he’s been a solid defender for ages he’s only taken the next step now, more than 300 games into his career. Smid is younger, just 25, but he’s also more than 300 games into his NHL career.

It’s something worth remembering, when looking at all of the Oilers’ young defensemen.

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Does the Momentum Boost From Fighting Help Teams Win Games?

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2012 02:40AM

It’s a scene anyone who watches NHL hockey has seen: two players squaring off, dropping the gloves, and going at it. One player might dominate the other, the two players might draw more or less even, but after the fight the teams will generally get back to playing 5-on-5 hockey (barring an instigator penalty to one player.)

Usually, one team will come out playing better after the fight. And usually, the commentator that evening will make a point of mentioning that Player X’s big fight win and/or willingness to go toe-to-toe with a beast like Player Y has given his team momentum.

Is there any truth to that story?

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Two More Years Of Corey Potter

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2012 11:59AM

A story that broke on Twitter late yesterday has now officially been confirmed by the Edmonton Oilers: defenseman Corey Potter has signed a contract extension for two more seasons.

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