2012 NHL All-Star Game Ballot Released

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2011 05:00PM

The NHL released its annual All-Star Game fan ballot today, which means it’s time to look over the list and see which players were undeservedly included and which ones were unfairly ignored.

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The Return of The Bulin Wall

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2011 11:22AM

One year ago, Nikolai Khabibulin was almost entirely written-off as an NHL goaltender. Now, nine starts into 2011-12, he is playing as well as he has at any point in his lengthy and successful NHL career.

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Can Teams Win By Taking Higher Quality Shots?

Jonathan Willis
November 09 2011 11:05PM

Shot quality is a hot-button issue among people who spend time trying to learn about the game of hockey through statistical analysis.

Intuitively, we all know that shot quality exists. A quick blast from center ice immediately prior to a line change is far less likely to score than a superstar taking a shot on a breakaway. The question, then, isn’t whether shot quality exists – we know it does – but whether teams can use it to help them win games.

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The Underlying Numbers: The PK Looks Really Good

Jonathan Willis
November 07 2011 11:31AM

Seven games into the season, we took a look at the Oilers’ underlying numbers, and we found substantial improvements on the power play, penalty kill and at even-strength. I noted two caveats at the time: the Oilers’ overly-friendly schedule, and the relative newness of the season.

It’s still early in the season, but the Oilers have now played back-to-back games as well as seen some time on the road. Are the underlying numbers still as impressive?

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: November 6th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 06 2011 06:09PM

After the jump, this week’s Nation Network Hockey Pool standings.

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