Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the Comparables

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2011 08:00PM

Comparing players is, at best, an inexact science. To find comparables for a player like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is exceedingly difficult – not only is he a unique enough talent to go first overall in the NHL Draft, but our access to data is limited. For a statistical comparison, essentially we’re relying on two years’ worth of games played, goals, assists and total points.

In other words, the following exercise – where I identify draft picks with similar numbers to Nugent-Hopkins – is a flawed one. All it does is give us a snapshot of players with similar offensive production at the same point in their career as Nugent-Hopkins, without consideration for style, intangibles, team strength, defensive play, or any of the rest of it.

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Nikolai Khabibulin ≠ Tim Thomas

Jonathan Willis
July 22 2011 06:17PM

“Can the Bulin Wall get it back?” is the question that Bob Stauffer asks this morning over at the Edmonton Oilers’ official website. Naturally, given that the blog posting is written by an employee of the Oilers Radio Network and appears on the Oilers’ official website, Stauffer’s answer to that question doesn’t reference either hellfire or snowballs.

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Omark: “I Am Really Glad They Sent Me Down”

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2011 08:30AM

Linus Omark’s at an interesting place in his career, and Oilers’ fans seem to have widely varying opinions of him. Some feel he could potentially be an offensive difference maker a the NHL level (I’m in that group), while others see him as a flashy but deeply flawed player crowded out by other options in the system.

Regardless, fans will be interested in an interview he gave to Norbottens’ Kurinen, translated by Yngve Elverhøi, and presented by Lisa McRitchie of the Copper and Blue.

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Andrew Cogliano and Asset Management

Jonathan Willis
July 19 2011 11:35PM

Earlier today, the Anaheim Ducks signed Andrew Cogliano to a three-year contract worth $2.39 million per season. Lowetide’s take on it is here, and he makes a quick comment on the Oilogosphere in the piece:

As an aside, if Steve Tambellini had signed this contract, I suspect Oiler Nation would be rushing to the internet to express their displeasure at the signing.

I think that deserves comment.

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Point Totals

Jonathan Willis
July 17 2011 12:51AM

People have crazy ideas about the number of points forwards should be recording.

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