Steve Tambellini, The Devil You Know

Jonathan Willis
March 13 2012 12:02PM

It was suggested to me today – as it has been, off and on, for some time now – that the Oilers would be making a terrible mistake if they failed to renew Steve Tambellini. Tambellini launched this rebuild, the logic goes, and has taken a number of positive steps, and to throw him under the bus and bring in somebody new would jeopardize those accomplishments.

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NN Hockey Pool Update: March 12th Edition

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2012 11:19PM

Once again, it’s been a bit since we’ve taken a look at the Nation Network standings. For the vast majority of those 40 days, it’s been my fault for putting it off. Yesterday, it was the fault of the good folks at Oilers Nation for writing so many things.

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GDB 69.0: Blood in the Water

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2012 05:45PM

The San Jose Sharks are in serious trouble. The playoffs are slipping away, they’ve been terrible over their most recent stretch of games, and they’ve already lost once to the Oilers in the last week.

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Trouble for Hockey Night in Canada?

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2012 09:26AM

An interesting article appeared in the Globe and Mail yesterday, an article that suggested Hockey Night in Canada’s problems with the NHL go well beyond the Don Cherry/Brian Burke feud.

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GDB 68.0: The Dreaded Early Game

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2012 10:05AM

I’m not sure where the story started that the Oilers were terrible in matinee games. It’s something I’ve believed the last few years, probably because I’d heard it somewhere else and never bothered to look into it, and possibly because there were a few terrible beat-downs among the losses suffered by the Oilers in those early games. The Rangers beat Edmonton 8-2 last year, and Detroit defeated them 8-3 a few years prior in early games, after all.

As it happens, though, the Oilers record in early games really isn’t that bad.

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