Picking the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals

Jonathan Willis
May 29 2012 02:46PM

So far, these playoffs have defied prediction, as our playoff prediction contest tends to demonstrate. Interestingly though, there seems to be a very clear favourite in the series between Los Angeles and New Jersey.

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Big Decisions: The Chris Pronger Trade

Jonathan Willis
May 26 2012 11:33AM

Officially, the Edmonton Oilers rebuild started midway through 2009-10, as a team built to make that last push for the playoffs imploded spectacularly, finishing last in the NHL. Unofficially, the real trigger was the departure of the catalyst from the 2006 run, Chris Pronger. In the Pronger trade, the Oilers acquired good value in terms of assets, but terrible value from a ‘win right now’ perspective.

More than any other action, arguably it was the Pronger trade that set the Oilers on the course they are now.

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Report: Justin Schultz Leaves School

Jonathan Willis
May 25 2012 11:51AM

Justin Schultz, the high-end prospect who is expected to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, appears to have started the clock ticking on his departure from the Ducks’ organization today.

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The Oilers Don’t Need A Stud Defenseman Now

Jonathan Willis
May 23 2012 11:09AM

It would be a great thing for the Edmonton Oilers if they could add a stud defenseman, a true number one who plays heavy minutes on the back end, contributes offensively and shuts down the opposition’s best players. But it’s not a necessity right now.

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Organizational need is a bad way to draft players

Jonathan Willis
May 22 2012 03:58PM

If the Edmonton Oilers decide to make organizational need the primary criteria at this year’s NHL Entry Draft, they would be making a mistake.

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